If you have been following along with my blogs, I have mentioned Corey Lake Orchard a few times already since it really is one of the best farmer markets in the surrounding area.  It has been around for many years, my grandmother has mentioned she used to go there when young.  Albeit the changes thanks to growth over the years, it still has a homey feeling when you return each week (sometimes a few times).  That’s one of the benefits of a small farmer market instead of the large multi-farmer markets available in larger cities.  Throughout the years you can grow to know the family that owns the farm and develops into a tradition.  My family tradition was not to purchase weekly produce but to go twice a year to purchase apples and then pumpkins for Halloween.  There are small farmers such as this all around the world, you just have to talk to the locals if you aren’t sure where to start.   Some of the prices may be a bit higher but not always. It’s always a plus to buy from a local friend instead of a large conglomerate whenever possible.  Buy local.

The front view of the market, all the produce is placed in trays straight from the farm.  Although everything is washed, we tend to find bugs here and there.

A view of the parking lot (free) and some of the many grape vines which I believe are sold to become Concord jam by Welches.

There’s a ‘private’ lake across the street that anyone can pay a small fee (I think the sign said $3) to take their personal boat and enjoy the water.  On the opposite side of the lake is a Jewish camp (so I’ve heard) that plays music at different times but a lot in the morning – maybe morning workouts or wake-ups calls?

Fresh Apple Cider Slushie. Michigan does not have to pasteurize the apple cider so the taste is unlike other states. Note: if you live in Virginia or Maryland, Apple Cider does not normally taste like apple juice, it’s more tangy. Come to Michigan and try it out. mmmmm

We found one bread that stated it didn’t have egg or dairy in it. There was nutmeg but not enough to create issues with my allergy to it.  It was pretty good but I’m thinking although it doesn’t state egg that it might have it anyways.  So if you are allergic to eggs, I might not purchase this bread.  My (carnivore) in-laws loved this it.

Farmers’ markets are just a wonderful place to reconnect with nature once again.  We live in a lavishly green world that is full of adventure and curiosities that is available for free thanks to Mother Nature.  Earth has been given to us so we might as well get out there and enjoy everything it has to offer to us. 

What is your favorite thing at the farmers’ market?