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Lately I have been trying to steer clear of book stores since we have a ton of books.  Actually we took an entire trunk full of used books and textbooks to the charity shop before we put our things into storage.  We also gave a ton away that we weren’t using to friends and family members.  Sometimes we hold on to things in our life even if we don’t touch them for years.  Thankfully Genki Husband and I have moved a few times for his work in the last 10 years so we have cleared away a lot of ‘stuff’.  It’s hard to get rid of those $200 textbooks from university, I know!  But when you want to clear your mind (and space), it’s best to get rid of the things you aren’t using.  Or you can get rid of books so you can buy more!  Hooray!  So, it’s been a long time since we have been to a bookstore but this weekend we went since my bookworm niece is having a birthday in a few days time.  But then I found some for me….  oops…

This is a book I found just by accident. I had no idea it was available. After a few seconds of a glance, I knew it would be a great addiction for someone just starting out on a vegan lifestyle change. It helps with making wise choices by helping one keep a journal of activity and nourishment. I have not read this but it appeared to be a good resource for beginners.

River Cottage Veg was something Genki Husband and I watched devouring every episode. Wish he would do more of these without animal products! It is done by a guy that has his own commercial garden and farm and eats from it. Occasionally he did bring in a few items that we were locally sourced from friends but normally it was all from his garden. It was a great series showcasing how people can be vegetarian (or vegan) by eating off ones’ land. Seek it out if you can find it in your area. I totally want this book even though I would have to convert a lot of the recipes from vegetarian to vegan. Wish List pls!

This is a stock photo but I do own this book which is in our lovely climate controlled storage in Virginia. I love this book! It is one of the reasons why we went raw vegan many years ago now. Highly suggested for people with illnesses or just want to learn more about research that has been conducted on food.

Love and own this book also! I actually have this one in my bags to travel with us. It is a great guide for newbies and has great recipes for advanced vegans too. It can be used by vegetarians or vegans alike.

Really want to read this book. I’m going to purchase it I think electronically though – I don’t have it right now because I can’t decide if I will want it in paper form or digital form. Suggestions?

So these are my book finds and suggestions right now.  What are your favorite vegan books? (I promise if you tell me I won’t buy the paper book but rather buy the electronic version.)