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Our days are shortened here in Michigan and we are taking full advantage of our chance to see as much greenery as possible before our departure.  Lately we have been driving around different areas of the countryside looking at all the trees in full bloom, bodies of water glistening in the sunshine and wildlife scurrying around or sunbathing with leisure.  It’s a relaxing time to be in Michigan this time of year, something we haven’t experienced in many years.  Such a blessing to be here in this season once again, it brings back many memories of our childhood.  We would love to share a little bit of our childhood with you through the lush Michigan scenery with all of you in photos:

According to Wikipedia.com, “Michigan is the leading U.S. producer of tart cherries, blueberries, pickling cucumbers, navy beans and petunias.” I always thought it was corn to but apparently not anymore.

Michigan is derived from a French word that meant “Large Lake”. Hence, in Michigan a person is never more than 6 miles from a natural lake source.  It also contains the longest freshwater coastline in the world.

Michigan is many nicknames but it is also called the “Mitten state” for it’s shape, “Water-winter wonderland” because the summer water sports and winter snow sports and of course the “Great Lakes State”.

All USA states have their own state tree/bird and other symbols. Michigan is known for it’s White Pine which is the state tree.  Even though we do not tend to use this tree as a Christmas Tree, Michigan is noted as being the 3rd largest supplier of Christmas Trees.

Oddly enough with all the bodies of water in Michigan, it is known as the automotive industry capital of the world. Of course this is because of Ford, GM and Chrysler being all in one state.

Welcome to Michigan where the summers are gorgeous and the winters are full of snow.