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Finally the last installment of the foods we have been testing and enjoying while in Michigan as of the last weeks.  Sorry for the “in photos” blogs but I have so many photos stored up to share with you all.  We have been very busy and the internet has been here and there for the last few weeks.  Actually we have lost complete electricity quite a few times already this summer thanks to the thrilling storms that have been rolling over Lake Michigan into our backyard.  But do not fear, once we have moved and are settled in with our new internet, I will be back and rolling with health articles and food journaling for all of you to share and drool over once again.

Blueberry Banana Muffins with a Crumble Topping.  Original Recipe comes from Peta 2 but I found this recipe on the Soy Chick website.

An ever more closeup view of these delicious muffins.

Noble Juice from Meijer’s Grocery Store. The store actually has a large selection of juices even though I have never actually seen anyone buy them in our tiny town. We have never had this brand since we prefer to juice our own however seeing as our juicer is in Virginia is storage, this was much easier. It was really rather tasty – a bit tart but then again so am I so it worked out. We would buy this again if it were on sale and we were on vacation. Unfortunately it is pricy if it is not on sale so I’m not sure if we would if at the original price.

Technically this was a lunch for two people (there were 2 soy yogurts). So delicious and fresh! We also had hummus. The veggies were from my aunt-in-law’s garden and the rest from Meijer’s Grocery Store. We don’t normally purchase Silk Soy Yogurt since it has a high price tag but we do occasionally when we really want one.

Raisin Coconut Scones. I used a Vanilla Scone Recipe and then added 1/2 cup of raisins, 1/4 cup of shredded organic coconut and ta-dah we had breakfast to eat out on the lake during the morning sunrise.  These were super tasty and didn’t dry out at all.

Just a little something we whipped up for breakfast when we were hungry and wanted something a bit more substantial. This is an idea of what I used to eat at Bob Evans when I was younger and was not vegan. It has vegan tofu scramble (mock eggs), kale, roasted potatoes with cajun seasoning, onion, and garlic. You basically make all of the items separate and then toss in a large bowl and mix. I do not steam my kale but just toss in together with the warm food and it slightly cooks it without using any electricity at all and the nutrients mostly stay.

Boca burger straight from the grill. Corn and strawberries are also in season at the moment in Michigan, USA. Yum! I wasn’t really hungry this evening as you can tell but then again corn on the cob always fills me up since it has a lot of starch in it. We also had a snack at night too.

Produce does not go bad in our household – we don’t toss out food unless it is out of our control. So when we see produce not being used, we make something to use it all. Tonight we BBQ’d some tofu, bell peppers, onion and garlic and topped with chickpea hummus. Then we had a large side of fresh zucchini grilled from the farmer’s market. Delish!

Before leaving for Michigan we purchased this wine and shared it with a few family and friends during a private party. It was very sweet but perfect for a warm summer evening on the lake. We bought this in Maryland, USA at a “Winery”.

This is something we have been eating quite a lot lately. This is homemade kettle corn by Genki Husband. He started making this one night as a special something for us to have while watching Newhart Show. Now we eat it often. I wanted something colored for fun and tried out blue sprinkles which made the popcorn green. This would be so much fun for St. Patty’s Day.  Thank you Genki Husband, I love your night time snack – it’s so delicious!  Mmmm