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Experimenting with different Pinterest recipes and testing out store vegan products available in Michigan, USA.  This is part 2 of the series of bringing all of you up to date on the new foods going on in the kitchen as we spend our last moments of staying in Michigan.  If you can think of anything that you want to see or have us try out, feel free to comment below or send me off an email message.  My contact information is available in the “about me” section of this blog.  I can also be found on Instagram and Pinterest under Genki Kitty.  I’d love to hear from you all!

Yves Veggie Ground is used instead of hamburger crumble. It has a slight bit of a strange taste but that could be just because I’ve never really liked red animal meat. The texture is right on though so you won’t miss out. We have used this a few times now and the recipes turned out great each time. This is available in the fresh produce section of Walmart.

My mother made this delicious ‘meatless” loaf for dinner. This was her first attempt at ever making vegan for us. It was so kind of her.  She used her normal meatloaf recipe and just subtracted the egg and animal meat.  It was a bit more crumbly but it was wonderful of her to try.  I highly suggest if you are going to make this to use a little flaxseed ground with water or maybe even 2 tsp of chiaseeds.  There are also egg replacers available at just about every store now that is vegan.

Vegan taco meat mixture. This was so easy and fast to put together. All ingredients are available at Walmart! We used the above Yves Meatless crumble and sauteed it with bell peppers, onion, garlic and some cajun seasoning (we didn’t have taco seasoning on hand). Then we made the below tacos. So delicious! Tip: Use extra taco seasoning since the crumble absorbs a lot of the flavor.

This is the vegan taco we made from the above crumble. We used organic mixed field greens, salsa, a little hummus, hot sauce (me) and the taco crumble. So easy!!!

This may look a little sad but it was a lunch of things we found in the fridge. We made Yves Bologna sandwiches, Michigan produced Lay’s Chips, and a Cucumber/onion salad. The chips were actually given at the 4th of July parade we attended. They are made in Michigan and the company was handing them out to everyone. It was so strange to see a large shipment of chips going down the parade route – only in Michigan. ha-ha

Pinterest Recipe for cucumber/onion salad. Just okay but not as strong of a ‘pickle’ taste as we had hoped. But then again we love pickles. mmmm  Genki Husband made this so I’m not sure which recipe he used.  He’s not the best at pinning his tested recipes and then forgets.  But to give him credit he has a lot on his mind so I will forgive him this time. ha-ha

Yves Bologna. This is found in the fresh produce aisle of Walmart in Michigan, USA. It is next to the tofu and is vegan.

Coconut Lime Scones for breakfast while sitting on the dock at the lake.  The original recipe was not vegan but I made it so and it was delicious!  Substitute the cow milk for nondairy milk and/or subtract the egg all together or just use 2 tsp chiaseeds or ground flaxseeds.  We will definitely make this again and will probably add a bit more lime zest just for our tastes.  Tip:  This did bake a bit faster in our current oven so just keep a close eye on them so they don’t burn like ours – oops!