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“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.”

Julia Child

Happy Tuesday Genki Friends!  June 25th was Genki Husband and my 9th anniversary of marriage.  It was a special year for us since it was a year we could celebrate our marriage together with family members and friends.  It’s been a bit since the special date but it is still fresh in mind and I wanted to be sure to express my love for the special day.  Genki Husband and I did get married rather young but we are living proof young people can still get married in today’s society and stick strong together through anything.  Since this year we were in Michigan, it was planned we would go with family and spend a special evening at a winery called Tabor Hill.  It is a popular winery around the world but oddly enough not in Michigan.  Their Classic Demi-Sec has been shipped to the White House of the United States by many presidents, according to the wineries’ personnel.  If it’s good enough for the leader of the Free Country, it is good enough for us.  We celebrated our first anniversary at Tabor Hill and we again celebrated this 9th year into our marriage.  Enjoy the photos of this event.

Just as you walk inside the winery you will notice there is wine tasting with many awards being showcased. Additionally there are small gifts, wine and chocolates being sold.

Another view of the inside. The woman in the pink shirt is where you go for reservations. She will be kind enough to assist you to your reserved tables. It is best to have reservations since the dining area is small and does tend to have small parties often which fills the place up fast.

Tabor Hill Winery in Michigan, USA. Small dining area before entering the actually dining room. We’ve never had to eat in this smaller area so I’m not sure but I believe it might just be more like a bar area for those not wishing to have a full table experience. There is also dining outside too. On this date the dining room was filled so I didn’t want to disrupt anyone while eating by taking photos. It is a warm setting inside with a fireplace during the cooler months and outside each window are bird feeders so the birds come up and feast while you do inside.

Does anyone else do this? Genki Husband and I have an addiction of taking photos of bathrooms – no idea where this comes from or why we do it. Ha-ha Anyway, this is the wineries’ bathroom complete with grape vines. So adorable when a restaurant thinks of the smallest touches to make the customer feel appreciated.

As we made reservations via the telephone, we did manage to ask the staff if there was anything they could serve to vegans. We were assured the chef and staff all new what a vegan ate and that something would be made special for us. We were told it was not to be just a salad. Unfortunately when we arrived, we mentioned to our waitress just as the telephone staff stated and asked to have something made vegan. Nope, the waitress had no idea. It was a shame since there is almost nothing on the menu that is 100% vegan. Seeing as the prices are a bit high, it is not reasonable to get a $20 salad (normal is around $8 other places) without toppings. This was one of the salads we found to be converted to vegan. It is spinach, artichoke hearts, strawberries and a spicy strawberry vinaigrette dressing. To tell the truth, it was a bit off and I ate only the bottom without the dressing. I’ll spare you the details of the taste.

Our second shared entree: foraged wild mushroom pizza with wild asparagus. We got this expecting at least a medium-sized thin-crust pizza but it was about 5″. It’s more befitting as a small appetizer instead of a full priced meal. This was delicious but it really was not enough seeing as we had to take off all the cheese. I think this is just seasonal.

This is the view from the dining room. It is the actual vines that hold the grapes of the wine we were drinking. The wine is fantastic! (And we had a good portion to prove it.)

It was warm when we entered the winery but as we were coming out after dinner we noticed a cold front was coming in across the countryside. You can tell the difference in color between the above photo and this one.

Tabor Hill is located in the middle of the countryside so when we were driving home we noticed the weather kept changing. Just about ten minutes after the above photo was taken we took this one. The warm ground was being hit with cold breezes from a storm front and it caused steam to come up off the ground. In Michigan the weather can change drastically within seconds.

We had a delightful time at Tabor Hill Winery and we would definitely go back again.  I would probably not go back for the food but would for the wine instead.  Last time we visited we were not vegan and it was wonderful food but now that we eat healthy and are vegan, it was not worth the price vs. food availability.  The wine is well worth the price and the trip to the countryside.