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Hello Genki Friends! It has been so very long since my last blog I’ve almost forgotten how to type on my laptop instead of the touch screen of an iPad. As all of you are probably aware, we have been very indecisive lately and have been given way too many options.  Without going into too much detail, let me just say sometimes choosing among many options of greener pastures isn’t as easy as it sounds.  The grass may be greener but which pasture will make one happier?  Oh our wavered times we live in right now.  Thankfully I have been taking pictures and posting occasionally on Instagram.  But for now I will leave you with a few blog posts with photos of the last few weeks. {more to come} Check out some of the things that have happened lately in photos.

Every morning we wake up with spider webs in the grass. It’s interesting to see the webs almost float on the grass tips while the spider is working away so early in the morning.

Wild mushrooms growing in the yard in Michigan. This brings back a lot of memories from my childhood going “shrooming” with my father in the forest in front of our house. Unfortunately I don’t remember which are edible and which are not so these had to stay in the yard.

We’ve had such gorgeous weather lately this has been my view just about everyday as I lay in the sunshine and go swimming.

Running through the country this is a common view… There’s nothing like smelling fresh air and keeping up with one’s health outside.

We’ve also been going out boating and kayaking too. This is a normal view while doing those two activities. There’s just so much to do when the weather is agreeable.

Unfortunately through all the watersports lately, my favorites old set of glasses broke right in half. So Sad…

Of course we take Genki Pup out for at least two walks a day (that’s at least 1 mile per walk) and play with Genki Cat daily inside. That’s a lot of work for such little ones. They have been been very tired out. We found them sleeping together like this on a large empty bed together. We tend to watch something on the ipad at night all together before we go to our individual kennels and beds.

On these walks, we find lots of different flowers blooming throughout the weeks. It’s a wonderful time to explore the great outdoors.

A Farmer’s Market we have never been to before but wanted to test out before we leave. There’s so much to visit in Michigan it is hard to see everything in just a short amount of time (and we grew up here). This one has a small acreage and sells their own produce when possible. Additionally they also sell condiments such as salsa, jam, fruit butters and etc.

Michigan is full of farmer markets in the summer months. In my opinion the end of July to August is the best time to come to Michigan. There is great weather and the produce is in full bloom (like blueberries).

We’ve also been touring around visiting family members and friends. This is an old working church we found made from stones. It’s still a gorgeous site today.

Michigan Sunrise over the lake. We get up every morning to take our steaming mugs of coffee out on the lake and thank the good Lord for allowing us to have another wonderful day here.

At night we love watching the sunset while we sit outside drinking water or wine. Such a wonderful life to live on the lake in Michigan.

So before we leave Michigan, what should we do?  Did we miss anything?