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Lately we have had tons of storms all over the place. It storms for a few hours, then the sunshine comes out, then storms once again. Such crazy weather…

Oh I’m so far behind on my daily blogs this week once again.  I’m sorry for the lag in posting but things here have become quiet busy.  Genki Husband is supposed to be at his new job in 1-2 weeks however it seems like everyone is on vacation thanks to the holiday coming up next week.  Who thought about moving over the Fourth of July?  If you were considering it, don’t!  Actually it wasn’t our choice but his companies choice…  So we have been stuck inside most of the day trying to get rentals to call us back and work through the pain and suffering while talking to a moving company.  Now I understand why people years ago just stayed in one place, it’s not easy to move.  Okay, so enough complaining on my side…  As I sit here and try to calm a bit, here’s my day in photos.

Bagel with pineapple on the side. Not Seen Peanut Butter for bagel.

As we were driving around Michigan we noticed a lot of the lights are being changed to a new version. No idea why these were selected over others since some of the city lights are what seem to be originals.

Vegan Lunch: Tofurky Sandwich on a bagel bun, BBQ tofu with BBQ sauce, & BBQ’d parsnips. Side dishes were blueberries, sauerkraut, & pineapple. We have a lot of miscellaneous items so that’s how we pieced it all together.

More storms coming through. The lines in the center of the sky is not from editing but from Mother Nature.

After the storms clear out the sunshine comes out along with its friend, humidity. Pineapple Whip was definitely necessary today. Mmm Homemade from pineapples and a little unsweetened almond milk.

Finally at night when the sun was setting around 10P.M. the clouds moved on and we could see a bit of the sunset. The lake was glassy in appearance, almost like a mirror.

Dinner:  Tonight we ate at my parents house with a full table of people so I didn’t take any photos out of respect for my family members.  We had some grilled tofu on the grill, a side salad and plenty of water.