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Sundays are normally our quiet day of the week.  Thus, today we didn’t really get into much work around the two houses but we did get into a little bit.  Today we took our time getting up and just enjoyed cuddling with the furry babies before entering the day with full arms.  Sometimes we all have these days right?  It was a bit cloudy when we woke up so it was a surprise when we got around to mowing my in-laws yard that the sunshine was beaming through the clouds and the humidity was around 70% and it was only 10A.M.  After working on the yard at my in-laws we went ahead and headed over to my parents house to do their yard work.  Nothing like a little hard work before play.  That’s what we did, we spend a few hours in the afternoon to sit around and lounge in the pool.  It is not 100% clean and working yet but that didn’t stop us because it was very hot after mowing the yards most of the day.  I also introduced my parents two smaller dogs to the pool so that they knew it was a place that contained water.  We do this for all of the dogs to assure they know and do not hurt themselves while playing outside.  So, this is our day through photos:

This is the plant that is seen above… No idea what it is but I just love the spiral flowers it makes. It is a creeping plant so it will go up the trellis if trained to do so.

Breakfast: Grape Nuts with Unsweetened Almond Milk and pineapple on the side. You can probably tell it’s about time for grocery shopping again. ha-ha Thank goodness we only have about 1-2 weeks left without a full kitchen to ourselves! No more cereal!

Did everyone remember it’s the first official full day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere? Yay!

Vegan mac n chez with salsa on a bed of organic mixed greens salad. There was a few other things on the table that we didn’t eat either such as pitas and hummus.

A little blurry because this is in a hanging pot and was moving with the slightly wind. he-he, love nature.

Patio Tomatoes growing already!

Vegan BBQ: smoked tofu and parnsips. Side dish of homemade tabbouli.

Ivy grows well outside in Michigan.