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There is a phrase that goes, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass but learning to dance in the rain”.  Although there may have been storms all around us today, it was so breathtakingly beautiful.  As seen in the photo above as the sun began to set for the night.  It just goes to show there is always something positive even through the dark clouds.  Today was a day full of cleaning the pool, fixing the new heat pump (yep, we have to heat ours in Michigan) and preparing some flowers around the garden.  It was easier work than the last week but then again we don’t mind hard work as long as you get something in return.  For today we received a beautiful sky show, a little vitamin supplementation from the sunshine and a relaxing swim in the pool.  See our day in photos:

Vegan Breakfast: Everything bagel. I love having garlic and onion in the morning.  I use Earth Balance 100% vegan butter and nothing else on my bagels.  Sometimes I go without the vegan butter too since I’m really not that picky.

Flowers in the garden. My mother has a lot of flowers from around the world in her garden from travels (when it was legal to bring flowers back) and from friends.

Blueberries! Yum! These are from Georgia since it’s a bit too early from fresh from the orchard ones in Michigan.  Thankfully there are other options in the spring/summer months from Georgia. 

(Snack) Blueberries in Michigan are the best in the world since the soil is more nutrient rich thanks to the glaciers. Mmmmmm

These are very popular flowers in Michigan. Sorry about the bad photo- it was super bright out and I couldn’t see if it was blurry or not. ha-ha

Vegan Dinner: Eggless Fried Rice.

An image of my large bowl full. This was not 100% the same taste as egg fried rice but it was just as fulfilling. In my opinion the slight difference is worth the no cholesterol content for health benefits.

I just love flowers and hope to have a nice garden in our backyard in our future house. For now I’m looking forward to learning about new species of plants that are more catered to the weather in the area we are moving. Hooray! So much fun!

*Missing Photos:  Hmm I seem to have done it again.  I missed our lunch photo of leftovers and our snacks for the day.  We do eat more than seen in the photos because we eat snacks every few hours.  We work on a three meals and three snacks a day type of lifestyle.  We had IKEA dark chocolate which is vegan approved and pretzels.  Mmmm