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Saturday just happens to normally be one of our busiest days of the week for some reason while on vacation here in Michigan.  Not only do we tend to my in-laws and also to my parents.  Today we managed to skip over to my parents house in the late morning to work outside on the pool once again since something just isn’t right with the filtration system.  We had hoped everything would be fixed but for some reason the pool company that was supposed to set everything up with the new equipment didn’t set up anything besides piping and the pool liner.  It’s very strange so now we are all working together to get it to work correctly.  In the afternoon we went to my cousins’ graduation party from high school and then went shopping afterwards for some miscellaneous items for my mother and us.  See our day in photos below:

My mother brought this bread back from Chicago on her recent trip. It has a crumble topping made from oil and is slightly sweet inside. She was so sweet to bring it back to us and she double checked to make sure it didn’t have any animal products in it. Yay!  It was bought in a bakery.

More flowers today. The lady statue had a terrible accident though before we came – hopefully she gets her head straight sometime soon. ha-ha

Snack time came fast today so we ate a banana and some more blueberries. Yum!

Not a Michigan flower but can live in the summer in a pot without any issues. It can not make it through the winters though as it is tropical. This was planted in a pot and then into the ground for the summer months.

We were at my parents house for lunch today and there was really nothing vegan so this is what we came up with today. Bagel thin with peanut butter, veggies x2, hummus and tons of water.  Sometimes you have to work with what you can find.

Shwarma King In Kalamazoo, Michigan. Middle Eastern food. These are paintings done on the inside of the restaurant. It’s small but it really does do a fairly good job.

On the other side of the restaurant. We have no idea why that camel in the photo looks like it is shooting lasers at the guy… Are we missing something in this photo? ha-ha

The outside isn’t the most elaborate but it is a nice restaurant to go to. Plus, the cost is very reasonable!

This is what Genki Husband and I ate together for dinner. It doesn’t look like a lot but there was tons of hummus on it and they served a lot of store bought pitas. The food was good but possibly not 100% homemade by the staff. The pitas were definitely not made in the shop.