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Rainy days always encourage me to bake in the kitchen or cuddle up with Genki Pup and a good book.  Today we were searching for rental properties though, so no fun in the rain until later in the afternoon when we went for our rain.  The thing about rain in Virginia is when it rains it really does pour for days and days.  It seems just when the ground is flooded and your yard can not handle any more, there are still two more days worth of rain.  In Michigan, it will rain for a morning and part of the afternoon then all of a sudden the sun will come out and it will be a gorgeous sunny day (with high humidity).  It’s very strange how the different states react to weather but all very interesting to be able to live in different areas and compare/contrast.  It’s all about the experience.  So on to our day in photos: (which just shows how little we actually did do. oops)

This morning we sat outside on the screened porch and drank coffee as we listened to the rain fall around us. It’s so comfortable to be in Michigan in the spring/summer months. We finally got around to eating breakfast which consisted of these two beauties: Vegan Bagels from Big Apple Bagels. This is the European Bagel which contains, poppyseeds, sesame seeds and caraway seeds. The combination is really tasty but I have to admit I’m still addicted to my everything bagel since it contains garlic and onion. Lately you may have noticed we are eating a lot of bagels for breakfast. This is because we aren’t sure the exact date we can get our moving truck to pick up our things in Virginia which we will have to drive down to meetup with them. So, we are in a waiting pattern and wish to not purchase a lot of perishable items since we are moving in a few weeks or less. (crossing fingers)

We spent the entire morning visiting with my parents’ exchange students’ mother and little sister from Colombia. They were so adorable and the language barrier didn’t really seem to both any of us. My German and Japanese didn’t really help out this time around though. I’m thinking I should start learning Spanish so I can easily communicate with a lot more people – especially in California. Vegan Leftover Lunch: watermelon, tortilla, kale with avocado salad, sauteed peppers with onions, 1 vegan BOCA vegan patty and some quinoa. Shared among 2 people.

Snacks:  Today we had a few different snacks.  IKEA dark chocolate which is vegan approved, pretzels, and tons of watermelon.

Vegan Dinner: Fried Rice with mock egg! This is something I have made a few other times but keep forgetting about when dinner comes around the corner. The recipe is seriously easy and inexpensive so I highly recommend it. Thankfully it looks like normal fried rice and tastes amazing – I would serve this without thinking twice to someone that isn’t vegan. Mmmm  Recipe Coming Soon!

Today as I was looking through Pinterest, I came across this cute idea. I love sharing homemade baked items that are healthy and shares your feelings with others. I think a lot of time we fall into the category of not sharing our feelings with others until we feel as though it is too late. I wish I could make strawberry jam with each and every one of you but at last I would have to purchase a ton of strawberries… So I will send this picture to all of you and let you know how much you mean to me. All of you Genki Friends I cherish from the bottom to the top of my heart. Thanks for always being there for me and sticking with me through this difficult time. I appreciate you all!