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Vegan Blueberry Granola Crumble Muffins. Genki Husband wanted muffins this morning and my mother-in-law had some old blueberries so this is what happened this morning. The granola was a bit strange to add on top but it does work.

Rental property searching… uggggghhh… This is a task I wish we had someone complete for us since it can be such a pain.  It might just be us but it seems like all the properties we call try to hide information about prices and availability.  Nothing seems dry cut and to the point.  Something we are learning is in some states properties do not always come with appliances such as refrigerators or stoves.  So strange to an Eastern/Midwestern girl.  Additionally, prices are much higher in some states compared to others.  These are just a few things we have come to realize that drastically differ between the coasts.  We are slowly finding properties but it is a slow process, prayers are much needed and appreciated from everyone.  Hopefully we can get our California friend to look at properties soon so we can make a selection and get moving on the move.  Since I can ramble on about our stress and anxiety at the moment, I will stop here and let you look at our day in photos below.

This is what Genki Husband had plus another one. You can be fit and a healthy weight as long as you eat healthy, natural foods that are pumped with tons of animal products or preservatives.

Everything Big Apple Bagel x2 with vegan butter and coffee. This is what I had since I don’t like cooked fruit.

Genki Pup is scared of thunderstorms so she chose to sit behind me as I ate breakfast. She was just as happy as can be and since it was warm and muggy, I was fine with her sitting behind me instead of on me.

Speaking of thunderstorms, this was pretty much the view for the entire day. Severe thunderstorms continuously kept hitting our area of Michigan. The weather was predicting hail but thankfully we didn’t get that severe but at times we couldn’t see across the lake.

Vegan Lunch of Leftovers: BOCA Vegan Burger, organic mixed greens, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Another thunderstorm image

Vegan Dinner: tortillas, kale Quinoa salad with avocado and a lemon dressing and grilled peppers with onions. Genki Husband made the kale quinoa salad and it was delicious, I’ll have to get the link from him since it was so good. BTW, our protein was from the quinoa if you were wondering.

Another image of the storms today. Let’s just say we didn’t get out for any exercise today considering there were warnings all around. I guess one could say it kept us inside to rental property search though which is always good.

Question of the Day:  Anyone have any tips or tricks to finding a good rental for a good price?