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Seeing as we are moving into a warmer climate we wanted to assure we had some good sunscreen on hand before our move so we went shopping.  Our sunscreen needs led us to The Kalamazoo Peoples Food Co-op for natural and non-animal testing brands approved for UVA & UVB protection.  Thankfully we found a few different brands that we liked and smelled like normal lotion.  Finally we came to the result of Badger Kids SPF 30 Tangerine and Vanilla (photo above) since it smelled the best.  Not sure why companies state it’s for kids but if it’s strong enough for kids it should be for adults also right?  The EWG has rated this as a “fair” sunscreen (which is rather good).  We also looked at the one below- see the photo.  Additionally we purchased some more nutritional yeast and Tofurky Deli Slices.  It was a nice adventure out after all our move planning going on at home.  See the photos below to see our day:

Big Apple Bagel Onion Bagel. Yes these are vegan.

Starbucks Oprah Teavana Chai Soy Frappucino. (Yep made Vegan) People have raved for this however it was not my favorite. It tasted the same as the old chai latte but with a different name. I’m sure this would be better as a latte instead of a frappucino though- but it’s just a guess.

Aubrey Sunscreen and after sun screen. We almost bought this brand however we weren’t sure of the quality and it was unscented. The EWG rates the Badger and this sunscreen as the same so it was all down to the scent.

We decided not to eat out so we drove home to eat lunch. Our Leftover Lunch: pasta with tomato sauce, Italian Bread with garlic spread and baked beans. Shared this with Genki Husband. It was a bit carb heavy and strange but it was what we had in our fridge. Nothing wrong with carbs here.

Does anyone have a dog that gets tired around 8P.M.? Ours will put herself to our bed or in her kennel for the night around 8. It’s so cute.

This week we purchased a jar of sauerkraut and so Genki Husband wanted mashed potatoes with sauerkraut on top. I’m not a fan of mixing my food but he apparently loves this combination. So this is what we came up with for our Vegan Dinner: Mashed potatoes, organic mixed green salad, and a Boca burger. Sides: pickles and sauerkraut.