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Blue Heron on the dock this morning – so graceful and delicate.  It is hard to capture these on camera since they are very aware of their surroundings and will sense you with one small move.

Yesterday we were at my parents getting prepared for their exchange student’s mother and sister to come visit from Colombia.  So I was out in the sunshine weeding the garden a bit too long and I got a minor sunburn.  Normally I don’t have to worry sunscreen just because my skin soaks up the sun and I have never really had a major problem in my life (even in tropical areas).  Today was not the case though and I was a bit sore.  As I was looking through our medicine box, I noticed we had not one ounce of aloe vera gel since when we traveled up here to Michigan we gave all our fluids away from friends and family members.  So I was left searching for something else.  Thankfully I found two creams we purchased while in Australia that contained Tea Tree Oil which has natural calming oils such as aloe vera.  It’s like the Aussie Aloe.  So I tried it and worked out great!  So on to the day in photos:

After working out in the sunshine the entire day yesterday we were very tired and burnt. So we went ahead with cereal for this morning since it was easy.

Vegan Dessert Drink: We were really tired so we went ahead and made Iced Coffees to cheer our bodies up (along with tons of water). We use coffee, unsweetened almond milk, & a little brown sugar.

Speaking of tired, Genki Pup has taken this old torn blanket and chosen it as hers. (I’m sure you all have blankets like this, so soft you can’t get rid of it.)

Vegan Lunch: Ramen with vegan approved broth, mushrooms and blueberries. Strange but tasty.

Tea Tree Cream from Australia is wonderful for bug bites. We bought this while in Australia and just found it again when I was looking for Aloe Vera Gel. Our medicine box is very small since we very rarely use it so I forgot we had this still. I was going to use this for my sunburn but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be okay or not. In the end I tried using a tea tree lotion cream I bought from a farmer in Australia. Worked great!  Aloe Vera works better but when in a pinch the cream works.

Garlic Spread found at Walmart that is made from oil instead of butter. To tell you the truth, it tasted more like oil than garlic. It is accidentally vegan. Normally if we do have garlic bread (1-2x a year), I use Earth Balance Vegan Butter and use garlic powder. We wanted to test this out to see what it was like but we found it wasn’t the tastiest. It is easy though so if you like light garlic flavor you might appreciate having this in your fridge.

Quick Dinner: Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Garlic Bread and a side salad. My mother-in-law has mentioned she doesn’t like too much of our food in the fridge so we had to reduce this week. We bought pasta with tomato sauce, used the garlic spread above to place on bread and made a side salad. Worked nicely but not as good as homemade I’m sure. This would be easy in a small apartment I think though.

Question of the Day:  What’s your Travel food of Choice?