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Normally I turn the other cheek from comments made out of anger instead of love but today I thought I might as well share some helpful information to all of you with how to find vegan products.  I got a message in my inbox from the “Vegan Police” with the non-existing email address of gfgfhgfghfk@hhhh.com with a negative comment about donuts never being vegan, especially the ones I eat.  I love comments and questions, please do not feel as though you have to hide if you ask about what I’m eating, no worries here.  Questions make the world go around.  Firstly, a lot of places do serve vegan donuts but do not share this information since a lot of non-vegans will not touch them.  (Enter my entire family!)  It’s simple to find out, simply ask for the ingredient list or find out who makes them and your answer will be fulfilled.  It’s like a genie bottle without the bottle.  The end result -vegan donuts!  Mainstream companies are finding out vegan donuts are much easier and much more inexpensive to produce than egg and dairy filled ones. (CLICK BELOW FOR THE REST OF THE ARTICLE)

Main Ingredients in Donuts are: eggs, milk, butter and sugar.  These ingredients are very easy to substitute and make cheaper for mainstream companies buying in bulk.  This is not to say all companies are doing this but just the ones keeping up with the times.  Eggs can be eliminated – no they aren’t needed.  Milk, well this can be eliminated or a basis of soy-milk powder can be used as a substitute which is much cheaper in bulk for stores than dairy milk.  Butter can be substituted by vegetable shortening.  In my kitchen I tend to not use shortening but it is a very inexpensive way to substitute butter.  This is especially true for frosting seeing as it is cheap and also hardens much faster than using butter.  Just think hot temperatures and less melting products- yep, companies love this part and it’s an old bakers secret.  Finally sugar can sometimes be vegan and sometimes not.  Most of the time it is vegan but it is very hard to tell.  Basically one would have to go to the supplier and see where the sugar is being grown and produced and even then companies will have mixed blends.  Seriously you would have to stop eating sugar if you were this worked up about it.  Rest assured though, if you are like me you can search online for major companies and see what countries they buy sugar and check the ‘is it or isn’t vegan list“.

FDA regulates what information companies must tell consumers before selling a product with the ‘Major 8 Allergens” as seen in the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) of 2004.  FALCPA states these major 8 allergens are “milk, eggs, fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod), Crustacean shellfish (e.g., crab, lobster, shrimp), tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans), peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.” Thus, companies will have to inform you if you ask if the donuts have milk and eggs.  Additionally the companies will know if it contains butter since butter contains dairy and many people are allergic to it.  Companies do not want a legal war against the FDA or a person that has an allergic reaction so they will tell you if it is not already labeled.  This allergic reaction also creates companies to lean towards making things vegan since there are less allergens to worry about a potential lawsuit.  Companies are supposed to also by law label nutritional facts on the outside but there are little loopholes with bakeries and freshly made and packaged to order products.  Thus, it’s easier to ask since donuts are not always labeled.

So you can be vegan and eat your donuts!  Hooray!!!  There has been a lot of specialized bakeries coming out that serve high priced vegan donuts.  It saddens me that vegan donuts are being sold for higher prices than traditional animal based ones since it makes no sense according to cost in most cases.  So I say just ask your local stores and even gasoline stations (since it is usually locally baked and sold around town.

There is a lot of literature on vegan donuts and bakery options in the media today.  Below are 2 stories published that might surprise you if you thought you had to give up donuts upon being vegan.  These are from America but trust me, it’s happening all over the world.  We even had a vegan donut from a gasoline station in Australia!  Surprise!

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*So ‘Vegan Police’ if you have any more questions or concerns about being vegan please feel free to contact me, I love to share my vegan lifestyle with others.  You do not have to hide with a fake e-mail address.  We can send you some donuts if you would like to enjoy too.  Just let me know. 🙂  Much love to you from the vegans currently in Michigan.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask and I can help you along your vegan lifestyle change.  I love all comments.