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Imagine: Pinterest

Happy Father’s Day!  Genki Husband and I had intended on showing off lovely photos of the local Dawn Patrol (airport festival) but unfortunately we went to the annual event and no one was there.  Apparently they changed this festivity on us and we were the last to know about it.  Considering I used to work at the small local airport throughout high school, I thought I would have been told a little earlier… but nope. We were surprised when we arrived and there were farmers harvesting hay into bails and that was it.  Too Funny!  So I have an amazing photo from Pinterest to fill the gap- we can all use our imagination right?  After our trip to Dawn Patrol Genki Husband and I ventured off to my parents house for a fast clean up process that involved around ten people in total.  My parents’ exchange student’s Colombian mother and sister are coming in on Monday for a visit and the grounds to my parents house still had to be put back in order to share with the international guests.  That meant the pool that was still getting updated, the grounds cleaned up, gardens weeded and so on.  It was a large task but it took the entire day.  I got a bit burnt to say the least…  Oops!  But we all lived through it and the house looks much better but still has more work to get done.  So on to the day in photos:

This is the view we woke up to this morning after the sunrise. There were clouds but then they cleared away to a gorgeous blue sky. So gorgeous!

Breakfast:  No idea what happened for breakfast today again.  Really we are eating breakfast – no idea what happened to the photo.

Vegan Dessert for a snack between meals made for a nice hot day. Chocolate Banana Cream with ‘toffee’ pieces in a to-go cup for outside in the sunshine.

Yep, leftovers. Vegan Mac n Chez made with cauliflower instead of pasta.  I love this stuff warmed up too.  Mmmm

Vegan Leftover Dinner: Organic mixed greens, hummus with bell peppers, and a lentil/rice dish. I love making this lentil/rice dish since it seems to last for days and days! Best of all it is healthy and inexpensive! Three cheers!

Question of the Day:  What is your go to dinner dish?