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Michigan Bookstore that is filled to the brim with used books. This is my second favorite section- the cookbooks. My first favorite is the international section but it is much smaller as many people in this small town do not speak more than one language.

Today was an adventurous day.  Genki Husband and I went down into our hometown for a summer festival that is an annual event.  There is a lot going on but it doesn’t take much time to go through the entire thing when you do not know many people from the town anymore.  When we used to live here (it’s been over ten years-yikes!), we would come a few times to enjoy ourselves while chatting with everyone in town.  Unfortunately now we don’t have the same experience since we are outcasts after moving away from the city.  Yep, it’s a very small community.  We still enjoyed ourselves though walking the streets with the old-fashion auto show, ‘art’ show and turtle derby races.  After we finished with the festival events, we went to one of our favorite used bookstores that has more than the building can handle.  If the person that owns this bookstore weren’t also the major, I’m sure it would be considered a fire hazard. (ha-ha small towns)  We love it though since there are a lot of good choices and it’s fun to look through some of the old books available.  Finally at night we had a lovely time watching the fireworks at dusk in the downtown square.  So on to the day in photos:

Hooray I finally remembered to take photos of breakfast today. I made tofu scramble for breakfast along with a side of toasted Italian Bread with Earth Balance Vegan Butter.

This is how I have to eat in the morning sometimes… yep, that’s a real cat lap warmer.

The river that flows through the center of my hometown. Yes, this is the center of the city and not the country.

The river that flows through my hometown – this is the center of the city. We walked around this area since it was where part of the festivities were located. It’s so funny to see this angle of the city since it looks like the city is large through the trees when it is an optical illusion. The city is located on a hill and it makes it look larger than it is… The lighthouse does not work anymore.

This is a new rock with a plate stating this spot might have been a site of a battle. Not sure if it’s really true since today it’s now a parking lot for the city. So funny!

For lunch we picked up some BOCA burgers and made BBQ vegan burgers on the grill with olives. On the side we had a vegetable tray with artichoke/spinach hummus, salsa, and tortilla chips.

We were a bit short on time for dinner so we went ahead and had leftover lentil/rice mixture with a salad loaded with those baby bell peppers. Love those baby peppers – so nice to have when no one else wants to eat them.

Fireworks in the summer – an international festival event. We met up with my parents along with some homemade kettle corn by the lovely Genki Husband. The event does have vendors selling caramel corn, cotton candy, corn dogs and etc but we planned ahead and had something healthier.

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite Festival Food?

*I ask this question since I found it interesting that my parents Colombian student had never seen our festival foods mentioned above and was very excited.  One of her ‘must do’ items was to taste a corn dog for the first time since she saw it on American movies and television shows.  Additionally she had never seen ‘elephant ears’.