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Today on our evening pup walk we came across five kittens whom were abandoned and left alongside the roadside.  The kittens were hungry and trying to get into the road to eat roadkill which of course is very dangerous.  We saved them from being in the road a few times and then finally a neighbor came around and we got her to take them home with her.  Unfortunately since we are staying with my in-laws we couldn’t take them home, otherwise we would have right away.  My in-laws would have not appreciated the extra animals.  Finally we all got to the bottom of the abandoned kittens and found it was another neighbor that knew they were there but did not care.  So they were finally taken home with the kind lady that stopped and we are just praying she didn’t call the animal rescue center (not a live shelter here).  On a lighter note, we did have a nice walk and the weather is turning gorgeous around here now that we are about to leave.  ha-ha  So on to the day in photos:

Breakfast:  For some reason I didn’t take a photo of our breakfast.  Maybe we were really busy to get started on some yard work?  No idea.  Oops! I believe we had donuts – I didn’t write it down like normal.

Willow trees in Michigan shed this type of ‘cotton’ all around the ground. It looks like snow on a windy day. We found this on our walk along the road.

Leftover Lunch: Vegan mac n chez, hummus with bell peppers, watermelon and sliced Italian bread.

Yes! I drink coffee for the safety of everyone else.

Yep, it’s our comfort food again. This time we were in a hurry for something fast and believe it or not we can make this in under 10 minutes. This time we made it with Cauliflower though. Mmmmm Finding a rental property is rather hard, since we are very picky so comfort food is our friend right now.

Snacks:Again, slacker blogger here…  I keep forgetting to post photos of the snacks we are eating too.  We rely on three main meals a day and then two-three snacks.  Today we had Ikea Dark Chocolate, Aldi’s Brand Wheat Thins, & popcorn.

Question of the day:  What is your favorite comfort food and why?