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Genki Husband went on a business trip a week ago to the Los Angeles, California area and had an adventure to find some vegan approved restaurants.  Doesn’t everyone send their husbands’ off on business trips with a list of restaurants to test out?  He was only there for a few days but he was able to check out two different restaurants beyond the normal Asian restaurants (which normally have vegan entrees).  Click the “continue reading” to see the photos and information.

Cheezy Pizza has an entire vegan menu when you ask for it! They even serve vegan cheese on top. This is the pizza Genki Husband brought back to me on the airplane all the way back to Michigan. Such a good husband. It was delicious even after flying all that way across the nation.  Note: they serve non-vegan too.

This is the Vegan Menu available upon request. There is more to the pizza available but then again if you can have vegan pizza do you need anything else?

The amazing pizza! It had sauce, chez, cilantro, avocado, and artichokes. So good even two days later.  We would get it again.  You can have pizza and still be healthy – yum!

The pizza two days later – it was a bit smashed but still delicious! I can’t wait until I get to try this out fresh. mmmm…

How adorable is the pizza box? I love pizza box art – much better than a normal brown box that some places serve. Let’s bring back the pizza box art.

A view of the inside of the restaurant where you can place orders. There are a few seats but it is basically a order and take out kind of place. But in California, you might as well just go outside. The flowers on the counter is said to be a ‘seasonal Christmas Tree’ – anyone heard of this before? My mother does this but that’s just because she doesn’t want to put her trees down until around Valentine’s Day. ha-ha

Baker’s Fast Food Restaurant in Southern California, USA. Vegan Burger options when you order the vegetarian burger without cheese. Make sure you mention this otherwise you get a cheap, highly processed piece of America deli sandwich cheese melted on it and you can’t get it off.

A look at the Baker’s Vegetarian Burgers – Genki Husband was in a rush to get to the airport for his flight and forgot to mention ‘no cheese’ so these had them on it. But at least now we can honestly say you must order without the cheese because it can’t be picked off since it’s a processed cheese that melts into the bun and burger.

So there you go, two new vegan options if you are in the Southern California, USA area.  Genki Husband wasn’t able to bring back a burger for me (since he ate them on the plane) but he said they were okay.  He said they weren’t his favorite since they were just plain Boca Burgers but it was a nice option if you are running someplace in a hurry. We both loved the pizza though and will be buying this again in the nearest future.

Note:  A huge thanks to Genki Husband for taking the photos so you and I could experience these two new restaurants.