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TITIN Weighted Compression Shorts: Train on Earth, Compete on the Moon!.

Weight Compression Shorts?  Everyone has heard of compression socks and shorts but weighted ones?  This is a new idea I was alerted to by my Fitness Ambassador programs I am work alongside as a KickStarter Project that needs funding.  I am not a affiliated with this project in any way however I found it interesting seeing as I believe this might be where the compression industry will start to go for fitness thinkers like all of us.  The idea is basic, take a pair of compression shorts and put weights in different locations and there you have it.  These shorts apparently have pockets which remind me of biking shorts which allow of heat/cold packets to be placed into for pre/post workouts.  For me I instantly thought these would be perfect for after a butt workout and ice was necessary (try 100 squats and you might be thinking the same as me).

So what do you all think?  Let’s get the comments flowing.

(Note:  This product was funded so are now available for pre-sale HERE for under $150.