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In my hometown it is officially summer, the schools are out and the summer festival has begun.  To me it seems a bit premature but apparently I’m told it always started this early.  Either way I am thrilled to be here in my hometown to experience this change of season as I have not been around for almost 10 years now.  It’s always strange to return to ones’ hometown after being gone for so long, minus the yearly visits during major holidays.  Additionally my father in law is running for a political position in the state of Michigan so it was fun to see him walk the parade alongside Genki Husband.  Other than the parade, Genki Husband and I were busy working the entire day at my parents house getting their pool refinished.  It finally has a new liner, a few patches fixed underneath and new piping.  Harsh winters in the Northern states really do cause damage that ones in warmer climates can not believe…  So this work was done by professionals however we helped along the way as much as possible.  Additionally today I grilled my first hamburgers ever – thank goodness I’m vegan!  It was really not my cup of tea to make them and probably never will again if asked.  I’ll stick with being vegan, thanks.  So on to the day in photos: Click on the “continue reading” for photos and information.

Something I miss greatly about being in our own place is the ability to have a well stocked kitchen. Here at my in-laws we must have only a few things in stock at once otherwise my mother-in-law started to complain it is too full. So this morning we had to end up eating donuts since we were in a hurry and didn’t have anything to make that was fast. We also bought coffee to-go which happens to be one of the only places open in the morning around here – a gasoline station. ha-ha (I actually ate 2!)

Genki Husband working with the cement saw for the pool. We had to remove the cement so the workers could place new piping under ground. We also had a bobcat to do this job too but found out the hand saw was easier.

My parents pool is about ten years old so the harsh winters have caused cracks in the liner and it needed to be replaced. This is the new liner being put in place.

Pool be refinished after a harsh winter in Michigan. Here in Michigan pools are filled with lake water and then salt is added or chemicals. We use salt so it’s more natural and easier to keep up.

After grilling up about 20-30 burgers I finally got to grilling Genki Husband and my burgers. My mother bless her heart purchased these nice ‘veggie burgers’ from the grocery store however we did find out they had egg in them. We couldn’t tell her they weren’t vegan because we felt terrible. The veggie burgers were really bad – no idea what they put into these things but they are sold for a high price (much higher than BOCA). So if you are looking for vegan burgers make sure you read carefully at the allergens section since sometimes the ingredient list may not state eggs but the allergen section does… As for my lunch, I had this plus a double serving of vegetables with hummus. Mmmm

You know you’re in Michigan when you see this and think nothing of it. This isn’t actually that normal next to the local city but these tractors were coming for the parade. Unfortunately the parade photos I’m not going to be able to post since most of the people were wearing the cities name and I wish to give my parents and in-laws safety and privacy.

Genki Pup enjoying the parade… while sleeping. It’s very hard work being the center of attention. She is always the center of attention once people find out she is a real dog and not a toy. She loves children and they seem to gravitate to her, along with everyone else that meets her. Actually as I walked past a float full of kids, they all got off to pet her (which she loved) right before the parade.

Finally around 9P.M. we returned and we were starving! So we managed to make the fastest thing we could think of which just happened to be mac n chez vegan style. We make this from ingredients, not a box. So delicious!

It poured down rain just before the parade tonight but then we were given this view as we started to settle in for the evening.