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Things here in Michigan seem to be a bit slower than in most other areas of the country, at least where we have lived.  Our hometown is in a small farming community where it’s not uncommon to see tractors driving in front of cars driving down the roads.  It’s a nice break before we actually move to a larger city full of people, cars and other activities.  We are thrilled to be moving to a large city but it is just so nice to be able to return to the simple life of a small town here and there.  Here’s how our day went in photos:

Vegan Breakfast: Watermelon, coffee and a few thin slices of garlic/herb bread with Earth Balance Butter. Watermelon is at just about every meal we have right now, my in-laws are non-watermelon people so they just don’t understand. Hopefully all of you understand. 🙂

A product my mother found while shopping at a small Amish grocery store in our area of Michigan/Indiana. These are pickled green tomatoes. Sounds gross but these are soooo amazing! If you can find these in your store or make yourself by all means go for it! Mmmm

We worked at my parents house today for a large portion of the afternoon/evening so we went ahead and BBQ’d for dinner. In Michigan it is very popular just to toss food on the grill at the end of a good day’s work. Portabella and asparagus grilled just with a little oil to assure it doesn’t stick. My parents use a vegetable grill bowl which oddly enough we have too but have never used. It worked out wonderful for the mushrooms and vegetables.

In Michigan since the winter is a bit short (4 months usually), many people will purchase potted flowers and place outside instead of planting in the ground. This way when fall comes around and the nights are extremely cold, the flower pots can be easily moved indoors safe from the cold temperatures. This is a few of some of the flowers my mother has purchased this year.

Missing Meals today again, no idea how this keeps happening, I’m so sorry.  We have been incredibly busy with our last few weeks here in Michigan coming to an end.  Things probably will not calm down until we have moved into our new place and are settled but I intend on blogging the entire time.  Thank you all for sticking with me through this busy time, I appreciate all of you coming back to see me everyday and sending loving messages.

Today for exercise we were outside working in the yard once again.  It was a bit different today though since my parents are getting their pool setup to be refinished with a new liner, heat pump, diving board and so on.  It’s exciting to give the pool a ‘new look’ but it is a lot of setup work.  Thankfully we now have the surrounding area setup and the bobcat ready for liftoff tomorrow for new piping.  So exciting!