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Things have been a bit crazy around here (or is it always?) but I’m updating all of you on our vegan meals to assure you didn’t miss out on anything exciting.  We have been eating tons of watermelon as it is cheapest around this time of year in the Midwestern states ($4 a large watermelon!).  I’m a watermelon addict so I can’t complain though.  Other than that, things are pretty normal but today we brought back our favorite vegan dinner of mushroom gravy over Japanese steamed rice.  It’s a simple dinner that you can whip together really fast as long as you have a rice maker – highly suggested.

Vegan Breakfast: Watermelon, oatmeal sweetened with agave, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.  This was my breakfast while Genki Husband ate the below pancakes.

Vegan Breakfast: Apple Ring Pancakes. This is an idea I got from Pinterest. Cut an apple into rings, dip in your favorite pancake batter, and pan fry as normal. Then you can dip the finished pancake in cinnamon and sugar. (No syrup needed.) This was Genki Husband’s breakfast.

Vegan Lunch: Leftover lunch time. The rice dish is even better the next day so go ahead and make extra and enjoy for a few days. We also had bread, bell peppers, hummus and watermelon.

Mushroom gravy with Japanese steamed rice.

Hmmm, did you see something odd here too?  Seeing as I’m a bit behind I have photos mixed up… Oops, I’m so sorry about that but I do not have my booklet here with me that has exactly what we ate written down.


Or maybe I can’t remember because I had a glass of Tabor Hill Wine – demi-sec… ha-ha