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Crumpets?  Sounds a bit odd but I’ve always been intrigued by these little English Muffin wannabes ever since the first time I heard of this bread item in a British miniseries.  After some researching these light and airy pancakes are said to have come from the Welsh ‘crempog’ which is basically made from a pancake batter but with an added amount of baking powder.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact start of this breakfast item, I did find that they can date back many years but not until the Victorian era did the heavy pancakes turn into what we see today.  On English television, crumpets are eaten with butter, jam and clotted cream.  When we were in Australia, we had our first crumpet and ate them with vegan butter and vegemite like an English Muffin.  To me they taste similar to English Muffins (not sweet like pancakes) but only have a different boiled-like temperature.  It’s very odd to describe but the taste is amazing.  These are not sweet but a bit bland with a slight battery taste.  If you have a good topping, these are perfect!  Who else has had crumpets?  How do you eat yours? 

So on to the day in photos:

Vegan Breakfast: crumpets with Earth Balance Vegan Butter. We toast our crumpets so they get toasted on the outside and has a more moist center.

These are the crumpets we found which were accidentally vegan. We found these are Marsh Grocery Stores in Indiana, not sure where else they are available. They had the same taste as the ones we tried in Australia.

Vegan Lunch: Ramen, hummus with bread and bell peppers and tons of watermelon. This is what happens when you don’t have much left over in the fridge for lunch. (Yep, the watermelon season has started here in the USA.)

Yep you get to see another photo of my feet. ha-ha Lucky all of you! I love this idea for palm trees, these are super easy (until your husband steps on your toes and squishes the palms).

Portobella Mushroom from the Grill, baby cucumber, frozen vegetables and some mixed fruit.

Today Genki Husband and I were working outside with the yards for both of our families and neighbors.  We actually mowed both my parents, my in-laws and my in-laws’ neighbors’ yards.  Then we also chopped up some fallen tree limbs and did some miscellaneous yard work which never seems to end around here.  We love being out in nature working hard at things – it is the best workout ever!  We do miss running outside but seeing as we are getting an all-around body workout we can not complain.  For now we are soaking up all the yard work we can since we will only be here a few more weeks.