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Friday we decided we would travel down to Indiana to the University I graduated from called Purdue University.  It’s been a quite a bit of time since my last trip to Indiana (besides traveling through going to Illinois) so it was an adventure seeing everything that changed.  Amazingly enough a lot of the things have stood still in time and I was able to get around without any issues- thank goodness.  Living on campus really imprinted the roads into my memory.  We took along my mother and her foreign exchange student for the trip since my sister still lives in Indiana.  It was a trip for reminiscing and visiting my nieces and sister before moving away.  So it was a win-win situation for all of us on this one trip.  There are fewer photos than I had hoped for but that is mainly due to the fact we were traveling and playing around with my nieces (whom I won’t post photos of for their privacy).  So here is our Friday trip in photos:

Leftover breakfast since we were getting things done around the house before leaving. Homemade Chocolate Chip Vanilla Scones.

Before we left it looked like this: gorgeous sunshine hitting the top of the lake water.

Vegan Lunch: Rice, vegan hot dogs, mixed vegetables and South Korea Hot Sauce (Gochujung).

Coconut Drink with real bits of Coconut! South Korean drink found in gasoline station along the route in Indiana.

This is the one Genki Husband bought… Both were delicious, especially seeing as it was warm outside.

Vegan Restaurant Pasta from Spageddies in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. This is a nice option if near Purdue campus. It can get very busy on Friday and Saturday but if you get off times you don’t have to worry too much. We came around 8P.M. and it was fine on Friday night but then again school is out for a few weeks right now.  This entree was a mushroom with tomato sauce pasta.

The vegetable pasta Genki Husband ordered which had a basil pesto on top instead of the cream sauce the menu stated. We found this had too much oil and almost no basil at all. We loved the previous option but maybe would not order this one again.