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Still in Indiana and enjoying family time and adventuring around some old favorite spots on Purdue University campus.  Love being back here and feeling the presence of intelligence once again.  There is something about being on a college campus that wants to be signup and start studying once again.  Anyone else have this feeling?  So here is out weekend in photos (minus family photos for privacy and security):

Purdue University Campus (model) – I can proudly say I used to walk these roads daily… 🙂

Barry the Australian Koala visiting Purdue University.

Mama Ines Mexican Bakery in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. This place is amazing in appearance and tasty treats! Inside is an amazing juice bar that makes fresh fruit/vegetables juices! We had a beet, carrot, & cucumber juice that was just perfect! Yum!

It’s a bit dark in the bakery but it is all dressed up in a Mexican theme and smells like homemade pastries. Mmmm

My family chose these options at the bakery. For some reason I can’t find the picture of our juice though. 😦 Just imagine a large to-go cup with thick orange juiced juice. mmmm

Weeds that have these gorgeous flowers in the spring. So pretty! We found a bunch of these while on a long walk.

Moe’s has vegan options – such as organic tofu!  We bought the Earmuff’s with tofu and the Close Talker with tofu.  Both are vegan.  It was a bit plain but then you can add as much salsa as you want (so yes I added tons).

Close Talker with Tofu and tons of salsa. This also comes in a tortilla bowl but those are really not healthy so I passed. Another one of us got this but with the shell bowl and then it was served with even more chips! A bit much I think but we served them at a party later so it all worked out.

Eating vegan while others ate steak. Felt so great! Chickenless patty from Boca on a bed of organic salad and salsa.

Found out that PU has Hello Kitty!!! 2 of my loves!

A new statue on campus near Ross Ade Stadium

Purdue Horticulture Park- fun note: Genki Husband proposed to me at this location!

Purdue University Drinking Fountain – holds a piece of my heart as it is a big tradition for sports events.