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Happy Middle of the Week Genki Friends!  We have made it this far, let’s just keep going until the end of the week.  Hooray!  Here in Michigan things were a bit shaky this morning with the crashing of thunder and the downpour of rain.  I imagine those in drier states wished for such weather but here in Michigan it really was not necessary – but we’ll take it anyways.  Such weather makes me want to bake, hence, this morning it was a scone kind of morning.  Seeing as it was rainy, it was an inside type of day full of basically not much but work.  Either way, here’s our day in photos:

Yep, these are the chocolate chip vanilla scones. I took this recipe and made it into chocolate chip sprinkle scones. The sprinkles can be omitted but if you are having a rainy type of day, add them to make your day better…

Just in case you wanted to see a side view of this beautiful scone this morning. Oh these are soooo tasty!

Korean Dukboki. Oh this is soooo tasty!!! I love eating the liquidy goodness on a cold day since it’s spicy and warms the body inside out. Normally this thickens up more but for some reason it didn’t want to today. Still tasted just as good though.

These were my snack today – super easy and delicious! Not sure if it is everywhere but these are only $1 at Meijer’s in Michigan this week. Run out and stock up!

Vegan Dinner: Organic Green Salad with Vegan Ranch Dressing and Homemade One-Pot Rice Dish. The rice dish I simply place rice in a rice cooker with the proper amount of water, 1 bag of frozen mixed veggies (or fresh if I’m at my own house), and a few tablespoons of soy sauce. If I have it on hand I saute some Trader Joe’s Vegan Chickenless Strips chopped with some onion and mix together. Simple on-pot dish!

Strawberry Raspberry Ice Cream (vegan). Frozen Bananas with strawberries and raspberries smoothed into a dessert in a blender. This takes about 2 minutes in total. Then I topped with 1 small piece of IKEA Dark Chocolate, strawberries and raspberries. So delicious! Just try to not do the dishes between making it and setting it on the table – it kind of melts. ha-ha

This bird nesting in a newspaper box is on our route and I keep forgetting to share with all of you. We noticed this a few weeks ago and have been watching the baby birds grow. So adorable. For some reason the robin mother doesn’t really seem to care if we walk past and peer in – guess she’s just a proud momma.

A closer view of the babies. (Note: There is a little editing done on the mailbox just to keep our exact city location private.)

Another gorgeous sunset today over the lake. The storms all cleared away and we were treated to this before going to sleep. We ate some Wheat Thins and some Popper Chips while watching “Newhart Show”.