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Hello Genki Friends!  It’s was gorgeous outside today, full of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.  It’s the type of day one wakes up feeling the sunshine kissing ones’ cheek and gives the impression everything will be okay as long as it stays around.  Morning came a bit too early for us this morning thanks to the neighborhood cat singing outside out window so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and sit outside on the porch listening to the birds singing.  To sit outside in the morning and not listen to cars is such a blessing, something a person should never take advantage.  After a relaxing early morning Genki Husband and I got to the kitchen and made some chocolate chip vanilla scones with spring sprinkles.  Who doesn’t love sprinkles?  Eating healthy most of the time has its advantages since one can eat scones for breakfast and it doesn’t change ones’ weight.  Hooray!  Eating in moderation is the main key to weight maintenance, not starvation or omitting specific foods.  So today we ate scones and sat in the sunshine (& that boring stuff called work too).  So on to the day in photos:

Carrot Cake Pancakes from PPK online. We’ve made these a few times and each time it comes out flawless. It is a great way to add some vegetables into your breakfast without skipping the pancakes. Genki Husband really loves pancakes as you all know, so, I guess if I can add some healthier options into the pancakes it is well worth it.

Vegan Lunch of Leftovers made into a stir-fry. Being vegan is so easy isn’t it? 

Vegan Chocolate Chip Ice Cream made from 1 banana, vegan chocolate chips, and a little unsweetened almond milk. This is very simple to put together and is a great alternative to dairy milk ice cream.  Slice a banana (or leave whole if you have a good blender) and place in the freezer.  A few hours or days later, take out and place in a blender with a little water or non-dairy milk and blend until smooth.  So simple!  You can add flavoring such as vanilla, rum, almond extract to make it extra special but it really does not need it.  Genki Husband loves to add cocoa powder to his for chocolate ice cream.