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Golden Retriever furry baby in the front of the pontoon watching out for other boats. (And to think ships only have fake mermaids!)

Finally!  Finally, I found a swimming suit to use while here in Michigan.  All of our spring and summer clothes are still in Virginia in storage awaiting our move so we have nothing up here to use right now.  Seeing as I am 4’11”, it is hard to find a swimming suit that actually fits my body style and age group.  Yes, I can purchase from the kids section but I’m not really into Dora or some of the other prints available.  Thankfully today I found one and so did Genki Husband so our first job to do was to lay out in the sunshine – oh was it gorgeous!  We did have some yard work to do at my parents but that only took about two hours and then we were back at the lake sitting in the sun.  That about sums up our entire day – really it does.  Can you tell we were still tired from the trip?  So on to our day in photos:

Big Apple Bagel, strawberries, blueberries and melon. The bagels today were two different kinds: blueberry and poppyseed I think. Genki Husband and I shared so we could have variety.

This morning when I called my mother to talk about the day, she informed me my best friends’ parents house burnt down over the night. Thankfully his parents, furry babies and the photo albums were all removed before going up in flames but it brings tears to my eyes. It’s hard to think about a piece of my childhood being destroyed in such a way. I have been friends with this person since the day he was born (15 days after me) and we lived and grew up together on the same road. My heart and prayers go out to my friends family and our family will continue to support them in every way possible. Thankfully my parents were able to allow them to stay in my grandmother’s empty house for the time being before they can rebuild. It is amazing how events happen in a string so everything will turn out okay.

Popsicle are normally vegan- just full of sugar. Usually we will purchase sugar-free but we haven’t been able to find any healthy fruit ones in the stores around here. This one was found at my mothers’ house (sugar laden) but so cute! It was the same size as my finger and I have small hands. Love things that are small.

It was a bit hot today but we couldn’t resist the opportunity seeing as we had vegan hot dog and sausages from Trader Joe’s in Chicago, IL. Yay! So maybe it was bright outside and 90F but that didn’t stop us from ignoring the stares and enjoying our bonfire.

This is the bonfire materials for the evening. (Now I wish we had vegan marshmallows on hand…) Trader Joe’s vegan hot dogs & vegan sausages, ketchup, eggless salad and a bed of organic mixed greens. We were too lazy to open everything up before going out to the fire pit so we just took everything with us.

That’s pretty much all we did the entire day.  We were so tired from the last few days that we just wanted to have a nice relaxing time together as much as possible.