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There are two sorts of people, one that can sleep the whole morning and one that has to get up before the crack of dawn.  Normally I am the latter of the two but thanks to our return trip last night to Chicago, we didn’t arrive home until around 3-3:30A.M.  That is way past my bedtime so you all can expect that I was more than tired the next morning.  Genki Husband and I slept in until 10A.M., even I am surprised.  I’m sure my older friends reading this will be in shock and disbelief.  Once awoken, Genki Husband surprised me with my presents from his trip.  Although he didn’t manage the time to pick up a novelty t-shirt as requested, he did manage to bring some goodies home from the trip.  Of course, the foodie that I am, he brought something very special:  Vegan Pizza and Tiny Bananas!  Yes, he brought home 1/2 a pizza and an entire batch of bananas.  Can you imagine what those airport baggage ‘screen’ers’ were thinking when they saw this tiny man bringing all this food back out east?  So funny!  You have to love him…  So on to the day in photos:

Since we woke up so late, we decided to do what every person does, eat Brunch! Yum! Normally we don’t have brunch since we are such early morning people so this was a special occasion. For starters we had Eggless Salad over bed of mixed organic greens. This turned out really tasty – very comparable to egg salad but without the sulfur aftertaste.

The second part of our vegan lunch included these two beauties. Cheesecake Factory Veggie Burger from Chicago, IL and Cheesy Pizza from San Bernadino, CA. I actually ate two slices of pizza and Genki Husband ate the salad. We saved the rest of this for Dinner.

After lunch we decided to spend some time outside in the sun since it had been at least a day since being outside. The sun drives us with it’s vitamins so we always feel healthier when outside. Today was a busy day on the lake, lots of boats and skiers. We just sat and listened to the things around us and enjoyed reading.

During the mid-afternoon we were feeling a bit more awake and hungry once again so we made pineapple whip. We learned about this on our last trip to Hawaii at the original Dole plantation. So delicious!  Normally we add a little sugar to this but this time around we just stuck with unsweetened almond milk and frozen pineapple and it turned out great!  To make a large batch just chop up 1 pineapple and freeze for a few hours then whip it up.  Easy and Cheap!

My bananas from California! Colombian bananas that are so tiny! I thought these were going to be similar to a apple banana we had in Hawaii but they tasted more like large bananas with a slight bitter aftertaste. They were so tasty!  I can imagine these would be great for kids since they size is about 1/2 of what traditional ones are here in the states.

Even though we were still tired we decided to attend a private Charity Auction. The art I could not photograph since local artists worked hard and I didn’t want to infringe on their work by taking photos but I did grab a photo of the buffet table. Traditional American style small town event food looks basically like this each time. Nothing fancy just normal food served in bulk. Thankfully we had the leftover lunch to eat for dinner just before arriving so we ended up just having some wine instead.