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Genki Husband’s view from his hotel. Not bad I think… 🙂 California Dreaming…

Genki Husband is still chillin’ out in California (I meant working) still today.  We’re the type of married couple that people roll their eyes at for always being around each other, so being away from each other for more than a day is a bit hard.  Therefore we tend to keep to the same time schedules to assure we can chat for a bit in the morning and evening together.  It works out nicely when either one of us have business trips unless they are overseas.  For us right now though I’m still at my in-laws soaking up the lake life while trying to stick to their schedules too.  It’s a bit tough but thankfully it’s just about over.  So today I had a busy day of getting things caught up since I was really far behind, you might have noticed all the blog posting yesterday.  If not please make sure to scroll through the last few postings to assure you don’t miss any.  But back to today, I worked most of the day with only a small break for our normal pup walk and then in the evening I managed to wait around for Genki Husband to call.  His meeting lasted a few more hours than expected so I was left sitting at home thinking “should I take a shower now or when I jump in he will call”…  You know that drill right?  We lasted through our full day apart and here is pretty much my entire day in photos.

Leftover Cinnamon Roll from our Chicago hotel – hoping it was vegan since it was definitely made cheap which usually means no butter or dairy.  (Holiday Inn in Rosemont, IL – really nice option if traveling to O’Hare Airport)

Garlic Bagel from Big Apple Bagels- vegan. I was super hungry this morning after not really having the largest dinner last night. These garlic bagels are wonderful if you love garlic. I think they would be terrific with tofurky deli slices too.

Vegan Mac n Chez – Are you guys getting tired of seeing this dish? I love vegan mac n chez and before Genki Husband left he made it for me so I would have my comfort food.

Geese swimming along with their families today. It’s hard to see in the photo but there are 15 goslings (babies) in total!

Trader Joe’s version of Kettle Corn. This is actually sweet and salty – much better than traditional popcorn. I actually brought this back for my mother-in-law since I know she loves it. Then I had a small bowl too. ha-ha Even if you don’t like kettle corn, you should still try this because it is the perfect blend of flavors. Highly recommended and very low in calories!

Organic mixed green salad tossed together today. Nom nom nom It contains mixed greens, small baby peppers sliced, 1 tomato, 1/2 English seedless cucumber, 1/2 avocado, and 2 tbsp hummus.