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Peony flower from my mother-in-law’s flowerbed. This is as large as my hand – such a gorgeous flower.

While there may be no reason why I can’t remember Friday I do remember Saturday.  It was the day after my ‘forgotten day’.  Two Genki points to any of you whom can name that show…  Today was a really busy day of working outside doing some general work out at my parents house doing lawn mowing, brush clearing, and lawn equipment fixing.  It was also the day I taught my parents exchange student how to use a riding lawn mower, which is not done by house owners in her country of Colombia.  She actually did a whole section of the yard, which is large task, and loved every second of it.  Isn’t it funny when you met someone from another country your eyes are opened to a whole new world right in your daily routine?  Sharing between two different cultures is one of my favorite hobbies.  Lately I have been trying to think of other things to teach or show her about America that I haven’t thought of just yet.  We’ve had numerous exchange students in my household but she is the first one from Colombia so it is whole new experience.  Any suggestions?

Apple Banana Quinoa Breakfast Muffins – Yep, another Pinterest find. This was the perfect solution for a healthy breakfast. I loved these however Genki Husband was a little set-off from them but I think it was due to the fact he wasn’t sure of Quinoa for breakfast. I’ll write a review of this recipe and how I made it so all of you can enjoy too.

A close up of the muffins. I ate a few of them for breakfast. Delicious but I probably would not place the banana on top next time.

We went on our normal morning pup walk and we saw these gorgeous flowers. Iris flowers. They come in different colors around here and just about everyone has at least one of them. In my family we always have these flowers for high school graduation parties. My grandmother has a large field full of them and we would always go out and trim a large bunch off the stems for our parties.

Vegan Lunch: South Korean Sticky rice with mixed vegetables and a can of mushrooms. This is all we could find around my mother’s house since she is redoing the entire thing and it is all torn apart.  It was actually pretty good but we did end up sprinkling a bit of soy sauce on top for more flavor.

Vegan Macaroni and Chez – oh I do love this dish! We eat it every week. Nom nom nom This is my comfort food so Genki Husband and I made this since we were a bit stressed this week. It’s a perfect ending to a busy week.

Genki Pup & Genki Cat sitting watching my mother-in-law work on her computer. They were helping with the big words. I came into the room and they were sitting like this – I’m not really sure what they were thinking. So cute!