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Happy Memorial Day! This is what I put on our table for breakfast for a little celebration and remembrance.

It’s that time again- “Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines!”  Yep, it’s the day before Memorial Day.  Hooray!  We have yearly tickets to Indy 500 but this year we ended up not going but there was no way Genki Husband wasn’t going to watch it on the big screen.  So we had a calm pre-holiday morning at my in-laws and then headed over to my parents house to watch the race and get ready for the holiday.  My family always has a BBQ picnic at my Aunt’s house so we end up making a ton of food to take along with us on Monday.  Monday morning we go to our small town parade and then head off to cemetery ceremony and by then we end up going to the party.  It’s a busy day but we thrive on busy.  See our day in photos:

We woke up to a very rip filled lake.  It was a warm morning so we were able to sit outside on the porch and just enjoy the sound of the chirping birds, crickets and frogs sing and water ripple around the floating boats.

A view of the other side… ohhh, just looking at this makes me want another morning such as this one. Prefect for a mug of coffee and a loving husband sitting alongside.

Apple Banana Quinoa Muffins again this morning for breakfast. These are really tasty the day after too.  I also had some fruit to go along with this such as watermelon, cantaloupe, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

Just what you wanted to see after looking at food photos – my feet! haha Sorry about the placement. I did my toe nails this way and my fingers nails another American flag design. I sat watching youtube videos on my ipad while outside.

This was my view while doing my nails outside on the porch.

Vegan Leftover Lunch: Vegan Mac n Chez with hummus, bread and some peppers. It looks like a lot of pasta but it really was not so we had to have something else on the side.

Genki Pup getting a bath for Memorial Day. She always looks so tiny in the tub. She’s so cute when you look in from the hallway and you see this adorable little head looking out at you.

Yep, it’s Indy 500! A must watch if you live in the Midwest. This year we didn’t go even though there were tickets but we did watch on the television.

Making a USA flag cake with this baking device.  I’ve made this cake before but this is the first time I’ve used this cake baking contraption my mother has in her kitchen.  It has another attachment that will make checkerboard or something like that.

While Genki Husband watched the race I made this with my parents exchange student. We wanted to make this for the holiday. When you cut it open you get an American Flag. During the baking process we did end up going shopping and lost track of time while I was painting her nails like mine. (oops) So we ended up having to toss the layers on top while still warm and then the icing started to melt off. uh oh… still tasted great!

Vegan BBQ Dinner: Vegan sausage, corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes, apple/pineapple coleslaw with no dressing and some condiments.

We did so many things today it was hard to believe we accomplished it all in one day.  Thankfully it all turned out, maybe a little misshapen but that’s okay.  Does anyone else have celebrations such as these before memorial day?