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To all of those who served in the armed forces and all of those that stand by supporting them, thank you for keeping our nation safe.  We will remember and honor every citizen of this nation today for making it what it is today.  Early this morning we went to the local city parade where my family members walked in honor of their fallen brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces.  Two of my closest family members were a part of the Navy and I could not have been more proud of them.  They wear their uniforms with pride.  It is this parade I always adored playing ‘taps’ (trumpet) for the community in honor of my relatives that served our country while being enlisted.  So being back listening to taps being played by another person was a bit of a bittersweet experience.  The parade led into the cemetery which holds a ceremony for about an hour or less.  It’s a moment everyone in the community can come back and visit the graves of those that served the country and other family members.  Such a beautiful service.  If you weren’t able to go to a local one this year, I highly suggest going to it next year to understand the importance of this holiday.

Flags are placed on the soldiers graves that have chosen to be placed together in a war memorial area of the cemetery. There are also flowers from loved ones or from the local girl scout chapters. If you can see the circles on the flags, this is an American symbol that states in English that the person that lies in this grave served our country.

USS Richmond float that goes in every parade in the area. For some reason it is a symbol of all the people whom served in the armed forces of our area.

My entire family went to my Aunt’s house for a BBQ for the rest of the day. Genki Husband and I did stop by a local store that just came in to look at some summer clothes but that only took an hour. We took the rest of the day chatting with friends and family. Vegan BBQ: Boca burger (ate 2 of these) and fruit.

Vegan USA flag cake! We made this for memorial day 2014. It was really easy actually and was a big hit at the BBQ party. I talked about making this the night before here.