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Hello Genki Friends!  Today we woke up well rested from our long night of traveling to Chicago.  Even though the hotel is next to Chicago O’Hare, we had a wonderful nights’ sleep.  Today I sent Genki Husband off on the hotel shuttle to the airport, without any issues around 9A.M.  Then I went off to Trader Joes’ which just happens to be about 7-10 minutes drive from the hotel.  It was so wonderful to be buying vegan groceries once again from there.  Yay!  Then I drove all the way back to Michigan, singing and dancing in the car.  If you were traveling the same roads, I’m sure you noticed me. ha-ha  After I returned it was just about to storm again so I decided instead of canceling another run day, I would go out and enjoy myself with a nice 5K and 1 mile walk back to my in-laws house.  It was wonderful to sweat and just get out the toxins from the hotel breakfast.  Then I worked the rest of the night away since I’ve been so far behind in everything after the crazy last two weeks.

Breakfast:  Forgot to take a photo, I’m so sorry.  We had two cinnamon rolls, oatmeal and cereal.  There was no real fruit besides some scary looking oranges and apples.  Coffee was my main attraction.

Trader Joe’s near Chicago O’Hare Airport. It’s very easy to get to if you are in the area and want something from there before going off in an airplane.

Driving from Chicago, IL to Michigan. Don’t worry, there was only the one car in front of me and that was it for miles! Made me a little worried I wasn’t supposed to be driving or something since I have never seen it so empty.


Trader Joe’s grocery haul – vegan.

My view as I ran tonight in the country in Michigan. It’s so very green but this is a swamp.

Vegan Banana Ice Cream was on the menu for lunch. This was two large banana’s with some almond milk. Perfect after a hot run.

Genki Pup missing Genki Husband as he’s out on a business trip for a few days. This is his dinner chair at the table. So sad.

Pup Walk through the country at night.

Sunset over the lake tonight.

Vegan Dinner: Tofurky deli slice sandwich (homemade). Vegan deli slices, hummus, organic mixed greens and a Big Apple Bagel. I was busy with work that I didn’t have time to eat until around 9P.M. So I watched the sunset and then ate dinner.