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Whew!  Who’s tired after the holiday yesterday?  We had such a wonderful time but we were really tired after all the partying we did at my Aunt’s house.  Unfortunately it was not a day of rest seeing as we had to get a few things for Genki Pup before Genki Husband left for his business trip.  We still hadn’t decided if I wanted to get a flight booked too or not so we went ahead and got things prepared just in case. 

Breakfast:  We went to Big Apple Bagels for some, well, bagels.  Most of the bagels are vegan – who would have known?  Forgot to take a photo since we ate them in the car.  We found out that every Tuesday is buy 6, get 6 free.  Not sure if that is everywhere but it is a great deal.

The whole day was pretty much a blur but this is what it kind of looked like throughout the day. Storm coming in over the lake.

After the storm cleared out this was our view, so gorgeous!

Lunch of leftovers: bread, hummus, cucumber, pepper slices, pb & jam. We were a bit rushed so we had to just toss some things together.

Rabbit in our yard. Apparently this is the first one my in-laws have ever seen before in their yard.

Night:  We decided to stay the night in a hotel in Chicago at the last minute so we took the drive to Illinois from Michigan.  O’Hare can be a nightmare to get to at times, especially the morning hours in traffic so sometimes staying the night is just easier at times.  We chose the Holiday Inn in Rosemont, IL.  It was the second trip we have stayed here (once before when we went to Hawaii) and we have enjoyed both nights.  It is quiet (unless the flight pattern goes over the hotel).

Driving through Chicago, Illinois at night around 11P.M You can sort of see the buildings from downtown.

Driving through Chicago on the highway and the white squares are all starbucks! Amazing! Options are nice but every street corner? Sorry it’s shaky, the roads aren’t the best here after the harsh winter.

Holiday Inn in Rosemont, IL. This is a few minutes from Chicago O’Hare Airport. Sometimes you can hear the airplanes go over if the pattern is directly over the hotel but thankfully it was a very quiet night.