Why Hello Hectic Week!  Normally I am not this far behind but this last week has been a whirlwind.  Genki Husband had a business trip to the other coast pop up on him so it was a bit of a struggle to get everything together for his trip considering all of our things are still in storage in Virginia.  For those of you not familiar, we are in Michigan at the moment so it’s a bit of a drive to get everything.  Thankfully there are some good resources around where we are currently staying so we were able to pull it all together in time.  But, at least I am getting caught up on the blog posts and hopefully I haven’t lost any of you from lack of communication.  Thank you all for sticking with us through the craziness.  So on to the photos of Thursday 5/22/2014 (wow!):

Vegan Spring Breakfast: pineapple, watermelon and strawberries. Coffee on the side. There was also some Italian Bread not shown in the photo on accident. I’m assuming you all know what it looks like so I’m sure you will let it slide this time around.

Vegan Lunch: Vietnamese Pho, hummus, bell peppers, bread slices, 4 wheat thins, watermelon and cantaloupe. The Pho was made simple since we had nothing in the house really to make it. Asian vegetables are hard to come by in our local stores. This time around we made it with the pho seasoning sachet, Japanese wakame, Vegan bouillon and onions. It was delicious.

Vegan Dinner: Tofu seasoned with “non-chicken seasoning”, South Korean rice, and some peas (after I ate them, oops). The seasoning is what you normally sprinkle on top of chicken breasts and comes in most grocery stores in the herb section. It’s like oregano, basil, salt and etc. This was made on a whim at my parents house (we brought the tofu) with what they had in the house since they were eating KFC… (gasp!)

Puppy Chow~! Vegan!!! This is a recipe I found on Pinterest that used a cake mix instead of powered sugar. Today all my family went to the cemetery to pay our respects to our ancestors that have passed away. We do this by placing dry flower arrangements on the tombstones for memorial day and other national holidays or birthdays. It’s something simple but if they are able to look down then they will know we love and miss them. Afterwards, I wanted to share an American treat with my parents exchange student from Colombia. It’s hard going to a cemetery with host families so I thought this would be something special. I know a lot of you do not know this but I just learned it is a Midwestern thing. Who knew!?

I know I have mentioned this but I haven’t been able to post outside photos since it is May and we have Mayflies. My photos finally came out today to show you. These are the Mayflies attached to the window I usually take a photos. It is hard to see out. These live for one day but they do mate during this time and for one week we have to stay basically inside out of their way because they will attach to your clothes. Yuck! This happens mostly in wet locations like the lake.

Other than teaching the exchange student the term “red-neck” it was a rather calm evening.  We talked about general USA traditions on Memorial day and also about the upcoming FIFA in Brazil.  Have you seen the new Shakira promotional video? (I can’t believe that is her adorable son in the video!  So old already!)