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Oh boy am I behind or what?  As I mentioned yesterday we are very busy this week and next week it seems like it will be just as busy with a possible business trip out West so…  Yep, it’s crazy around here but don’t worry I will get caught up.  Two veganized recipes came up this week so please enjoy those and if you do, let me know how they turn up.  If you are on Instagram please make sure you place @genkikitty so the photos will be linked to my account, I love to see each and everyone of them!  As for my day, well, it was another adventure to say the least.  Genki Husband and I got into some much needed work on the computers most of the day.  Then we just spent a few hours at night relaxing with the furry babies and family members.  (Photo above is of my parents’ dog chasing a bumblebee.) Not much to talk about I guess but here is my day in photos:

Vegan Cheezy Grits with Steamed Kale Breakfast (recipe coming soon). This is one of our favorite recipes in the morning since it sticks with you for hours! It is very low calorie and is easy to make – does a person need anything else?

New apple we found from New Zealand! This tastes very sweet like a gala but is yellow. We really fell in love with this but have only found it in one location so far in the USA spring months.

: NZ Lemonade apple sliced and 1 banana chunked topped with pb and vegan chocolate chips. Genki Husband and I shared this snack.

After lunch we went grocery shopping for the week. We bought less this week since we aren’t sure if we have a business trip this week or next. Hummus was on sale so we bought 2. Left side contains a bunch of kale that you can’t really see through the sunbeams. Missing item= gigantic watermelon!

Today I found this Sprawling moisture-wicking tank for just $2! Thank you Meijer sales rack! I wanted something a bit cooler to wear while running since we only brought sleeved shirts for running and it is unseasonably warmer than normal.

Remember yesterday we tried the PB Energems and it just didn’t really turn out the right way. Well, today we went ahead and had the original chocolate flavor and were impressed. It’s been years since I have had an M&M but I believe these taste similar. Chocolate lovers will really love these. We are still partial to the mint energems but these didn’t make our stomachs sore and gave us plenty of energy to make it in near 90F for 4 miles.

Today I tried one before leaving for my run and then another to take on the road.

Energems are perfect for on the go. I wrapped mine up in plastic wrap and placed in my running shorts’ key pocket. (Note: I am not being paid by Energems but was given a box to try for free with no obligations.)

Vegan Lunch on Grocery Day: Vegan Gardein burger, organic mixed greens, 1/2 English Muffin and lemonade/icedtea drink. Have any of you tried the lemonade/icetea drinks at Starbucks? To make at home simply have strong iced tea brewed with water. Add lemonade and stir. Simple and inexpensive.

Vegan Dinner: Vegan Macaroni And Chez with peas. nom nom nom This is definitely my all-time favorite comfort food.

After our run, we went ahead and chopped up this gigantic beauty! Watermelon oh how I love you! It’s been months since you have been available, now I must eat you! This was so heavy you had to bend your back just to hold it up!

Since I’m sure a lot of you out there are total watermelon addicts too – here’s a lovely photo of the first bowl I ate tonight. Yum! My in-laws hate watermelon but I’m thankful since then I get to eat most of this myself… I guess I’ll share a bit with Genki Husband too.

Genki Cat sitting outside enjoying the lovely spring weather. The Mayflies are out so she loves to watch them and eat them occasionally.

Sun-setting tonight. It’s finally warm again so the sunsets are getting better and better with the weather.