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USA Memorial Day Donut!

Today was a special day since we went out on the town.  Next week is a crazy week (as mentioned probably a million times already) since Genki Husband has a business trip out West.  We haven’t decided just yet if we want to go but likewise we wanted to make sure we had some supplies to go just in case.  Hence, today we left early to go to a coffeehouse and get our work done before the end of the day.  So here’s our day in photos:

We had breakfast out which in our area means one thing, cheap donuts since most do not contain any dairy or eggs. We found the above photo of the USA flag for memorial day and the watermelon for the seasonal selection. Donuts aren’t our first choice but when there is no other option, one must go for it.

Five Guys Restaurant has a vegetarian burger that you can make to order with the toppings you prefer which can be a nice option. Note: get the mushrooms since they are high in protein and can substitute for the ‘meat’ of the burger. Then we add all the other vegan options through the toppings list. I normally get hot sauce to top mine.

Finally we got home after clothes shopping and we made this fast dinner. Macaroni and chez, Boca spicy chickenless burger and watermelon.

Sunset tonight.

Genki Cat watching mayflies during the sunset. She likes to eat them when they come into the house.