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Oh boy am I behind, sorry about that everyone. Things have been a bit roundabout here at the lake house with tons of stress.  So that means I have been a bit too busy to get on the internet and share our days with all of you.  So I will get on to our adventures from Monday through photos:

Breakfast: This is what you eat when you have to go to the store. English Muffins, Peanut Butter, Jam, and Earth Balance Vegan Butter. Yep I ate two English Muffins and proud of it. Carbs are our friends.

This morning I went ahead and sat outside sunbathing for a bit since the sunshine was coming down. Sitting in the sun relaxing me and I can sit with my thoughts and reload.

Something I read to catch my inner peace. Found this on Instagram.

Leftover BBQ tofu steak diced into un-fried rice. I topped it with BBQ sauce. Have to tell you this wasn’t the greatest…. It was filling though and great to fill up on carbs so I could have energy for a run.

Today Genki Husband and I tried out a new Energems flavor of Peanut Butter. We find that Peanut Butter doesn’t settle on our stomachs as well right before runs but we wanted to test this anyways. We found that our stomachs were a bit sore throughout the whole run so it was a bust. The taste was okay but it wasn’t like a Reese’s Pieces or anything. It has a light flavor compared to strong PB flavor as one might first think. We didn’t find that these made us have more energy since our stomachs were sore, so we might just use these for low-energy days. Our normal 4 mile run was a bit harsh today. (85F)

These are the same size as the medium ones. I actually took one 20 minutes before going out for our run and then took another one right before we left. I have to say it still took about 1 mile before we felt any difference.

We only had a few ingredients so this is what we had for dinner. BBQ Gardein burger, sliced tomatoes, and a pureed carrots topped with grilled onion and black beans.

Homemade Caramelized Popcorn made by Genki Husband for a snack while watching Newhart Show.

Such wise words from Kelly Osbourne on Instagram. (Hopefully it’s okay to post and share since her name and website address is still on it.)  Something I have been working on since there are a lot of people around me that have negative attitudes. I’m learning to leave them behind since they are not necessary in my life (even if they are family members). Thanks Kelly Osbourne, such great words to put into a mantra.