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Yep the title pretty much titles my entire day.  Sunday normally is a day of rest but seeing as our time here is limited we decided to go ahead and get to our ‘chores’ for others.  Today we went ahead and mowed my in-law’s lawn in the morning after breakfast and then went over to my parents’ house to finish off theirs.  Remember I ran out of fuel right when I was about finished yesterday?  Well, I completed that and then went on to my grandmothers’ lawn.  She lives with my parents however they are in charge of taking care of the house and lawn- thankfully their yards are connected by just one crop field so it’s easy to travel between the two yards.  When young my sister and I loved running through the field to my grandparents to play or tell them all about our adventurous day.  It still brings a smile to my face thinking of these good times. Today was especially heart-warming seeing as my parents German Shepard Mix led the way to my grandparents house just as our German Shepherd did when I was young.  German Shepherds are such good family pets- one should never be afraid of a breed since it’s the owners’ that train a dog not it’s gene pool.  After lawn mowing I got into some bush trimming and pulling weeds to complete the yard.  Genki Husband got into working on some tree removal and moving dead debris with the tractor around to clear the area.  It was a full day even once again but that is simply the best type of day.  Seeing as we were working hard the entire day outside in the sunshine, we did not get to running outside but we did get our fitness in for the day.  It’s all about moving instead of how many miles you run in a week (since we aren’t in training).  So enough of my babble and on to my day in photos:

Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Muffins for breakfast.

The one I selected… these were so moist instead and fluffy.

These were so good I thought you might like another view from the top.

After working hard on the lawn, we went for an easy lunch seeing as we were running a bit behind. This was regular ramen noodles used with vegan chickenless broth, wakame and onion slices. This is very easy and in-expensive to make.

My parents dog leading the way to my grandparents house. So cute to watch her run (in her old age) to the other house. She loves adventuring.

Vegan Dinner: mixed organic greens, sliced roma tomato, Japanese steamed rice and a piece of tofu steak on top. So delicious and perfect for a warm summer day. I made the tofu steak in a pan on the stove and tossed it in some BBQ sauce.

Snack:  Popcorn and there might have been an oreo or two…  So hungry after all that work.

Sunset Tonight. First day in over a week we could see the sunset thanks to the clouds moving on.