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Sometimes don’t you wonder which is better shopping or homemade quick bread?  I do.  But then again I’m a foodie so it’s really not that big of a surprise.  Today was a stress-filled day since Genki Husband had a very important telephone call come in today for work and it lasted 1.5 hours.  Oh Pacific time people… ha-ha  We ended up eating lunch at 2P.M. which is very late for us but you will be happy to note we are still alive.  (Even though it was touch and go for a while…)  So our day was filled with this telephone call and working.  Near the evening we packed our stuff and went with a group of people to Bermo Warehouse in Portage, Michigan for the bi-annual warehouse sale.  Normally we don’t purchase too much since the sizes do tend to be a bit large but we do have fun pulling a shopping box (a box with a string attached) throughout the place.  Fun!  So here’s our day in photos (minus the boring parts like sitting in front of computers or talking on the phone.)

Vegan Breakfast Time: Wheetabix, 1 piece banana, and some raspberries with unsweetened almond milk

Lemon Zucchini Bread – vegan! Made this today since my mother-in-law loves lemons and zucchini. But then again if it has sugar in it, she will most likely love it. Genki Husband loves zucchini bread most of all this time of year so it was a winner all around. I even found my father-in-law sneak a large chunk with his ice cream into another room to eat it in hiding. (seriously, I’m not kidding). This was gone in one day flat! It’s light, airy, and sweet but not overly done. It’s just perfect if you love lemons!

A photo of the inside… I used yellow zucchini instead of green.

“Fried Rice” lunch. Basically I put the rice in the rice maker to fully cook. After done, I place frozen veggies on top and steam for about 5-10 minutes while I do something else. Then I pour in some soy sauce and ground cumin to taste and top with nutritional yeast. Simple and inexpensive!

Bermo Warehouse sale happens twice a year. This is the one we missed last night since they are only holding it Friday and Saturday now. Everything is very cheap. Great idea when you have kids that grow out of clothes fast or you want to have working clothes. A lot of the clothes were a bit bigger than we needed but we did find a few shirts.

Florida Wrapped Avocado Roll – vegan. We found a recipe on Pinterest but then didn’t have all the ingredients so we improvised as normal. It’s unfried rice from earlier, shredded carrots, avocado, and a seasoned onion/tomato mixture. It sounds simple but the flavor just bursts in your mouth. This would be delicious on a hot day.

Genki Husband had his camera and I didn’t so I asked if he wouldn’t mind to take a photo of the wrap. He ate 1/2 before he could manage to get the photo… ha-ha That’s when you know it’s good! So he’s a photo inside.