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Saturday was rather a dull day once again.  It’s always funny since we have been super busy however I never have the time to take photos that provide proof we aren’t just sitting around doing nothing.  Our friend and families are not as open to having their photos online so the only time I can take photos is when we’re alone.  So that’s the main reason I haven’t been taking photos as much lately.  Genki Husband and I sat and relaxed while getting breakfast ready this morning before heading off to my parents’ house.  I ended up mowing their entire lawn once again right down to the last 100 feet or so when the lawn tractor ran out of fuel on top of a hill.  Oh no!  Thankfully it wasn’t supposed to rain tonight so we decided to just leave it there until we bought more fuel Sunday.  It took the whole day to do their lawn due to the size of it.  (Ahh, the country life.)  Genki Husband and my father got to chop up some fallen trees from this last winter.  Spring in Michigan is rather hard for yard work, especially after a harsh winter such as this year.  Normally it takes about a month to get my parents yard back in order so that’s in the stage we are in right now.

Breakfast: English Muffins to share with Genki Husband & fresh fruit: watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, &pineapple.

Lunch Time: watermelon, bell pepper strips, organic greens topped with carrot shreds and roma tomatoes. I also used homemade vegan ranch dressing.

Blue Heron viewing while on our morning pup walk.

Dinner Time on the Fly: Flourless bread with 1/4 avocado slices, sliced roma tomato, hummus, grilled onions and grilled portobello mushroom. This had good potential but it wasn’t the greatest since it tasted like charcoal which is not my favorite. Guess we are gas grill people…

Today was really busy and tiring after a full day working outside. Genki Husband and I were so tired we just went to our room and watched a little Newhart Show with our furry babies. For some reason tonight they lined themselves up at the end of our bed. Usually we have to scoot them to the side a bit so we can fit on the beds too. ha-ha This is why they don’t sleep with us at night, since we wouldn’t have any room.

Snack:  For a snack we had some homemade coconut oil and sea salt popcorn.