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Spring just keeps holding on to the rainy season doesn’t it?  Today it was another rainy day here in Michigan with such severe weather it was hard to see across the lake at certain times of the day.  It was a ‘cuddle with a book’ type of day for certain.  Normally I love these types of days but it does get tiring, especially when you haven’t been able to get out to exercise daily.  Exercise for me is about 60% of getting extra energy and stress out compared to the other 40% of trying to lose weight and stay fit.  Even the furry babies are getting a bit restless inside the house all the time.  This includes Genki Cat, who doesn’t go out as much as Genki Pup but does enjoy the occasional romp around the screened in porch daily.  Today she came up with a new game to torment her human parents (…because all cats are plotting on killing their owners right? haha Anyone read this book?) which involved a dark bathroom and a toilet.  Her plan, sit in a very dark bathroom on top of the toilet and wait for said human parents to come in and see glowing eyes.  Then said human parents jump through the ceiling and have near heart-attacks.  Very fun game (if you are the cat!).  Oh the fun we had today playing this game… ek!

This morning I put together this Vegan Breakfast: cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries and 1/2 a banana. Genki Husband had fruit and Grape Nuts Cereal with Unsweetened Almond Milk and the other 1/2 of banana.

I’ve been mentioning how we have been enjoying these pretzels for snacks in between meals – finally I remembered to snap a shot for you. These are from Aldi’s for under $2! They are cheap in price but not flavor – can’t tell the difference between major brand names and this one. Score!

We worked the entire morning on our computers since we couldn’t go outside for any walks. Vegan Lunchtime: Sliced peppers dipped in hummus, corn/peas, and apple, pineapple coleslaw without the dressing. Can you tell I’m in a rut? I love this combination so much that when the peppers are on sale I eat it daily.

My Aunt-in-law was coming over after lunch to sit and gossip with us while we are still here in Michigan so we made these. Flourless Chocolate Chip cookies.

Bermo Clothing Store just outside Portage, Michigan.  My mother actually gets a VIP opening for their twice a year sale of all clothing so we went today.  Unfortunately unlike other years we learned that it wasn’t today but only on Friday and Saturday now.  So we looked around the storefront but ended up not finding anything that really matched our styles.  If you are into the “farm boy” look you will love this store.  They do have some discounted clothes and Vera Bradley items but mostly it is a good place to find Lee and Levi’s blue jeans on sale.

Genki Husband wanted to know if these made his nose look too big…. Such a funny guy. 🙂 He can always make me laugh. (And yes, those were woman’s sunglasses. And no, he didn’t buy them. haha)

After shopping around a few more stores we ended up getting some popcorn which pretty much filled us up before dinner at 8P.M. So late! We decided to take Genki Pup on a walk after we returned so that’s why it took so long. This is what we came up with on a whim…

Finally the photo you have all been waiting for… Genki Cat playing a game of scare my human momma by sitting here in the dark and waiting for me. It’s a bit yellow since I had to turn on the light so you could see her… That was after I picked myself off the ground…

Does Your Cat Play This Game Too?