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Hello Genki Readers!  If you are reading this it means one thing, you have made it to the middle of the week.  Congratulations!  Sometimes the little things are the things we should focus on instead of the large picture at hand.  Tiny steps, baby, tiny steps.  For us here in sabbatical land, we have been praying for a bit more sunshine instead of all this rain – Mother Nature believes it’s still spring or something.  Although I do wish the rain would do its duty and then go off on its way, magic is truly happening outside right before our eyes.  Everything from the grass to the trees are turning bright green when in the morning ones’ eyes can hurt looking at the florescent colors.  It’s truly a sight to see and every morning we wake up looking forward to seeing how much the colors have changed outside.  Spring is just a beautiful time of the year to start afresh and recreate oneself.  How are you recreating yourself this spring?

Another Fruit Breakfast in the Springtime! Banana, mango, strawberries and under it all is cantaloupe. Also a mug of coffee!!! normally I have this breakfast to start the day and then snack on something healthy around 10A.M. Experts whom have done research studies suggest a person to eat every few hours to keep metabolism up and running throughout the day. No one person has a slower metabolism it just depends on how one chooses to fuel it.

Snack Time!  Aldi’s sells these ‘wheat thin’ look alikes which taste 100% the same for 1/2 the price. We never had shopped in Aldi’s until about two weeks ago and are having some fun testing out all the products. Most are generic brands but the taste and ingredient list is about the same. If it’s 1/2 the price does it really matter what the label states? Not in our household. ^_^

Here’s a closeup of the crackers. Yes they look the same and taste the same. I bet if you placed the name brand and the Aldi’s brand in the same bowl no one could tell the difference.

Today after Genki Pup, Genki Husband and I all returned from our morning pup walk, we noticed this was happening outside our window. We have no idea what they were doing but we figure the DNR is conducting testing for fish and mussels in the area. There is an outbreak of invasive species in Michigan.

Vegan Lunch on the light side. Apple/Pineapple Coleslaw with colored peppers dipped in hummus. I also had some pretzels not shown for a snack later in the afternoon since my in-laws won’t eat before 6:30P.M. (I get hungry, haha)

Vegan Pizza night! (1/2 vegan, 1/2 carnivore) The yellow side is a new vegan cheese we wanted to test out from our local Meijer Grocery Store. It is called Go Veggie! Vegan. (Not all are vegan so look for the label that states ‘vegan’ on the front.) The other 1/2 we made with mozzarella cheese for my mother-in-law. We added mushrooms, kale, garlic, onion, pizza sauce and seasoning to our homemade vegan crust. The vegan cheese was ‘interesting’. It came out of the oven like this….

Then the cheese sort of melted more as it cooled down. Very strange! When we took the pieces of the pan, it was a gooey mess and had to eat each slice with a fork and knife (so un-American!). The taste of the cheese was a bit chalky and not very cheese-like. Of course we only tried this new cheese once but on our first impression we were not impressed. Probably not going to spring for this one again I’m afraid.

Earth Balance has this new product out right now (just not in our area, ahhhh 😦 ) Vegan Cheese Squares!!! Must try! I found this photo on Instagram posted by ‘thevedgeapp’.

How are you recreating yourself this spring?