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Dreary days are upon us which can only mean one thing – work inside!  Dreary days are sometimes hard to get the engine running but today was rather easy because it was thundering outside.  I love thunderstorms, especially when it’s dreary; I always say it’s best to have a show if it’s going to dreary out.  This morning Genki Husband and I wanted a bit of silence and ‘alone’ time so we headed off to a coffee house called Biggby Coffee.  Most of the drinks are sugar-laden but it is something different for occasionally visits.  They also serve regular brewed coffee but not anything such as an espresso.  All mixed drinks are from a magic bottle in liquid form unless you tell them otherwise (even the milk steamers).  Genki Husband ordered coffee but I don’t like the taste of the coffee so I ordered a Chinese flower tea latte made with soymilk.  It was very sweet so I think they placed some sugar in it without telling us.  Oh well… ha-ha  We also went grocery shopping today and found a few new items we are really thrilled about trying out.  Have you found anything interesting lately?  I’d love to know in the comments sections.

Flour-less toast, grape nuts with unsweetened almond milk with coffee.

Working at the Biggby Coffee House in the morning while drinking a vegan soymilk tea latte. Tea of choice: Chinese Flower which is like a citrus and herb tea.

Biggby Coffee: Chinese Flower Tea Latte with soymilk to make it vegan. (just in case you wanted a closeup view.)

So many calories and sugar! This is a dessert indeed.

Vegan Grocery Haul: Meijer and Aldi’s grocery stores. There is a ton of peppers because I like to eat them plain as a snack or dipped in hummus for lunch. Additionally we bought some snack items to share with my in-laws since they don’t buy it themselves but love to it it. ha-ha

After shopping and drinking coffee I worked up a hunger so I had the best treat ever, a banana. These are the perfect go-to snack when you are busy and don’t have time to prepare something else. It’s even easier than opening a bag of chips.

Organic mixed greens with homemade vegan ranch dressing. On the side I shared a bowl of baked beans with Genki Husband and a glass of freshly suntanned tea. Perfect combination. nom nom nom

Sometimes when you want something light but still a bit sweet you need to make one of these iced coffees. Mmmmm This is super-fast! Mix together ice, cold coffee, unsweetened almond milk and a little sugar (I used 1/2 packet Truvia today).

My mother in-law was making a full dinner for my father in-law and herself so it was hard to get into the kitchen tonight. So I made this simple salad in a few minutes. Boca spicy chickenless patty on top of a mixed organic lettuce bed and sprinkled with homemade vegan ranch dressing and a side of leftover BBQ salad.

Today we were so busy in the morning going to the coffee house for silent work time and grocery shopping the afternoon we were thankful the storms had increased and we could focus our attention inside. Sometimes the best work is done on days like this – that is if you can pry yourself from curling up and taking a nap. Today the winds were so strong from this storm the trees were bending and we couldn’t go outside for a run. It’s okay though since it’s our day off.

How is your week coming along? 

I’d love to know, leave a comment (I answer all messages and comments).