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Gorgeous pink tree in Michigan in full bloom in spring 2014. (I think it’s Dogwood?)

Gorgeous day, hello!  Early morning again (my in-laws have a strict rule of getting up at 6:50A.M. every day) so Genki Husband and I took advantage of the day and sat outside on the screened porch and listened to the waves and birds chirp around us.  It’s very pleasant just sitting with a hot cup of coffee just listening to nature, brings the soul back to where it should be in nature.  After about an hour we decided to go inside and have a healthy breakfast.  Genki Husband had a batch of vegan homemade double chocolate brownie pancakes from the lovely Chocolate Covered Katie.  The morning was just rather relaxed by chatting together at the morning table and getting into a few minor things such as our morning pup walk.  After lunch we decided to go over my parents house and assist them with mowing their lawn (me)- 1.5 acres in total of mowing area.  Genki Husband helped my father install all of their new kitchen appliances that my father thought it would be a great plan to do alone. It took them the whole day to install the stove and refrigerator – such funny guys together.  I should have video-taped them all for you for comedic Saturday. I mowed for about 5 hours (very long so I had to go around the yard twice so afterward we were so tired we decided to just relax near the lake once again.  Such a lovely Saturday in the sunshine.

Vegan Breakfast on a whim: strawberries and 1 1/2 bananas with 1 tbsp chunky peanut butter. I love the idea of 80/10/10 but I’m not sure I believe in it solely just yet. So for now I love breakfast to be almost 100% fruit with a little protein. I would eat lunch 100% fruit too but it is still a bit pricey as it’s early spring. Oh it would be nice to be in a sunny location with fruit galore. 🙂

Michigan Sunshine with a bit of a storm coming through.

Vegan Lunch for non-grocery shoppers. Peanut Butter & Rhubarb Strawberry Jam on flour-less sprouted bread. And a ripe banana.

Genki Pup is such a beggar when we have peanut butter anything. ha-ha Did you now canine’s can have peanut butter (non-crunchy) in small amounts and also bananas? We like to give ours the very end of the banana occasionally as a treat.

My in-laws cat sitting in the tulips in the side garden. She’s so tiny it’s cute sitting in the flowers waiting for us to finish in the yard.

Flowers next to the lake as we walked our street right now. I love the colors contrasting with the dark green grass. It’s almost as if it were a hidden cove of flowers. We found this hidden treasure while on our pup walk.

Genki Husband sitting outside by the lake with Genki Pup. She has to sit right on someone or touching a human whenever and wherever-such a people person. Anyone else have a pup like this?

Genki Husband loves to watch the fish in the lake. They couldn’t be seen until now. These are fresh and not fed into the lake. I have a star next to one of the fish.

Vegan Mac n Chez made by the lovely Genki Husband (with a little assistance from me). Couples that cook together have the best relationships. This is just so delicious! We eat it every week as our special easy meal. Nom nom nom

It was sunny when we ate dinner but then all of a sudden a storm started to come through. So here are the clouds coming.  We took the opportunity to bake while my in-laws were gone for a bit of time tonight to make sugar-free breakfast cookies that were also vegan for my mother-in-law for Sunday morning.  She goes to church and eat cold cereal on the drive there since she’s not a fast morning person.  Breakfast cookies were the best option to have setup for a special Mother’s Day gift.

Genki Cat enjoying the screened in porch on a very hot day. She loves the warm days that she can spend a good portion of time outside. She wasn’t thrilled with the storm coming through.

Finally the sun setting over the lake after the storm had cleared.

We ended the evening with a pup walk (making 2 for the day) and watching the sunset outside.  It’s hard to go indoors after sitting outside since it’s such a gorgeous opportunity to sit outside and be calm for once.  Together the two furry babies, Genki Husband and I all sat in our room and enjoyed watching Newhart Show and eating peanut butter pretzels.