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Monday blues… but thanks to Energems I got out today in the steamy heat of the afternoon.  There’s something fun about testing a product, especially one that involves eating candy for energy for a run!  Yes, please!  Today was a cleaning/work type of day.  My mother-in-law has a strict schedule for cleaning so today I took it upon myself to get all of our cleaning done before we went out for our run for the day.  Thankfully it was just a sweeping/mopping day.  It took my about 2 hours to sweep the floors (moving all furniture), sweeping the furniture, and finally mopping all the floors.  It’s a large task to do by oneself in one day but thankfully I had a ton of energy at the start.  Actually I think I was driven by the fact I just wanted it to be completed, ha-ha.  Having a clean house is something I adore too so I understand her schedule completely.  After cleaning the house alone, I managed too pry Genki Husband from his computer work and get out for a run.  It was a steamy type of day, I was sweating just cleaning the house with the AC.  Hot runs thrill me for some reason though so I knew I had to get out and run in it, while working off some stress.  Anyone else love hot runs?  In total we managed to get in two pup walks and also our basic 4 mile run.

Vegan breakfast: Wheetabix with a side fruit bowl of mango, apple, strawberry and banana slices. Additionally a slice of flour-less toast with Earth Balance vegan butter. Genki Husband and I share the fruit and the toast. (Not the coffee! he-he )

Mystery flower/bush that we saw on our pup walk this morning. We have no idea what this is but it really is pretty.

Vegan leftover pasta lunch: Vegan homemade mac n chez and Carrabba’s Italian Grill Pasta. So much pasta but we had to get it out of the fridge.

Loving these Energems Mint! We tried out these Energems again today on our 4 mile run in 81F/27C with full humidity. It was one of those days that a hard to breath through the humidity. Thankfully our run went really well without any issues. We find 1 Energem will push us through a few miles without any after effects of slowing us down like other caffeine products. We did find it has a slight metal aftertaste again today. Next up is another flavor so we will let you know our opinion on the aftertaste. Still loving them! Note: Thought you might like to see the size of 1 Energems compared to my Garmin Pink GPS Running watch for size comparison.

Dinner: Mixed organic greens with homemade vegan ranch dressing (see site for recipe). We also had a nice side of bean mixture and cut veggies with hummus.

BBQ southwestern salad.  I intended on making a recipe from another Pinterest one but then I found out my in-laws ate the items I needed so I ended up creating this new one.  All good.

Vegan ‘Ice Cream” made from Bananas. Vegan Ice Cream is so simple! Simple freeze bananas and blend until smooth. You can add whatever you want to flavor. Tomorrow is grocery day so Genki Husband added vanilla extract and sprinkles. I was exhausted from the daily workouts, cleaning floors and doing all the dishes so DH made this for me. Such a great guy! We also ate Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels while watching Newhart Show since we were so hungry after a long day.