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Happy Mother’s Day to all the human and furry mothers out there!  Hopefully your special day was filled with plenty of fun-packed family time.  Today I spent a good amount of time with my side of the family since my in-laws go to a church 1.5-2 hours from their house (long story).  That meant Genki Husband and I got up early to spend some quality time together alone with our furry babies.  We do not normally celebrate commercialized holidays but this year we planned it so we would have a chance to be with our families for this celebration since it means something to my mother-in-law.  Last night we made breakfast cookies for my mother-in-law who is diabetic but still refuses to stop eating sugar-laden cereal on the way to church.  We made sugar-free cookies that were also vegan for her to take instead and made her take them along with her cereal.  It was a fight but at least we managed to get her to maybe eat something special and good for her health. ^_^  After they left we had to rush to get some vegan cupcakes made for the special day for my mother and mother-in-law.  As the cupcakes were baking, we managed to get outside and sit next to the lake and enjoy some special quiet time (rarity here).  Then we were off to a nearby city to eat lunch with my side of the family.  Right from one meal to my in-laws again where they had returned just in time for dinner.  We had planned on making a special stew for my mother-in-law however she didn’t want it and wanted to make her own meal.  Guess you can’t complain with someone on his/her special day right?  So we transgressed and had leftovers outside on the screened porch in the gentle breeze and sunshine.  It was a nice pleasant end to a busy day.  How was yours?

Sugar-free breakfast cookies made for my mother -in-law. These were cooling at the time but wrapped them up nicely before we gave them as a present. (We don’t purchase presents on this day to fight the idea one needs to buy love.)

Wheetabix with unsweetened almond milk. We also had a side of banana slices and strawberries and breakfast cookies.

Strawberry toenails for Mother’s Day and strawberry season. We don’t have to just eat by the season but also dress for it right? Sorry if you don’t like feet photos…

Sunflower cupcakes for mothers day. We used Oreo’s for the center of the flower. It was an adventure making these since we broke two piping bags (only could find 30+ yr old ones in house). When all else fails wrap it up with plastic wrap and continue. ha-ha

We made 1 batch and split it up between the two families since 1 dozen will last a long time in our households. These turned out really cute even though the icing was melting in the 81F temperature in the house and plastic wrapped piping bags.

Finally at the restaurant for a very late lunch with my in-laws. This was very much needed. ^_^

Carrabba’s Italian Grill– this is the side salad that comes with the main meal. Yes, I was full after the side salad. I would almost want to get just this salad. Vegan side of balsamic vinaigrette. So tasty!

Pasta Sostanza – Carrabba’s Italian Grill (No Longer on the menu but they can make it without the artichokes and substitute with spinach off the menu if you ask.) When we lived closer to our families we used to eat this all the time, sad to see they no longer have it on the menu.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill: Pac Tic Tac Pasta Dish. We were so hungry that we forgot to take a photo until about 1/2 was gone. They serve a large portion – such a good price and taste. (Genki Husband and I order two entrees and split the dishes.)

Mystery bush in my mother-in-law’s garden. She received it from work as a prize or something but she does not remember the name. It has gorgeous flowers in the spring.  We saw this on the beginning of our pup walk today.

Leftovers from lunch for dinner tonight. There was so much leftover!

Genki Husband and I shared this beautiful cupcake. nom nom nom We ate this together outside while sitting among the spring flowers.

It was so delicious!

Today was a really nice day out of the house.  We find we spend a lot of time working in the daytime at the house so it’s nice to just get outside and see people again.  (Guess that’s what we get for working off location…) You will notice there are basically no photos today since we were rushing around getting cupcakes made today.  Additionally I wanted to respect our families’ privacy so there are no photos of us all together.  Thanks for understanding.  ^_^  Hope you had a wonderful holiday once again, even if you aren’t a mother.